7 Months

Sweet Kennedy is 7 months old today!

There's no major milestones to report right now except she sits up beautifully now and has for weeks. 

She continues to be very curious and loving. She's outrageously fast at grabbing things she knows she can't have. And she's becoming a little flirt. 

She's learning how to control her environment. When she wants attention she yells at me. Last night I was writing a text and she was yelling at me and kept getting louder and louder until I finally looked at her. Then she lit up with a HUGE grin as if saying "Hey! That worked!" 

She's a smart, adorable, loving little girl and we love her so much. 

Happy growing, Kennedy! 

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All In A Day's Work

I'm sitting in bed ready to go to sleep and it's 8:45.

I'm exhausted.

My day was like this:

I spent the morning with an old friend and her darling boys.

We went to Burger King for lunch.

After leaving her company, I drove around for a while so Kennedy could sleep. But her nap was only 30 min.

Once home, I hung up some pictures in the hallway.

Then I peddled my heart out on the bike to burn off all the calories I ate at Burger King.

I unsuccessfully tried to get Kennedy to take a decent nap.

I made Mac and cheese.

I watched Gilmore Girls while Kennedy finally dozed off.

About 15 minutes later she had a giant meltdown from exhaustion and it took quite a while to calm her down. She kept clutching me like her life depended on it after she stopped screaming. Saddest thing ever.

I bored myself writing this, so I can only imagine how bored you are reading this.

Except for seeing my friend, which was awesome, my day was super lame. Most days are super lame.

But as my dear friend and I discussed today, we're moms. No one said it would be easy or always exciting or the thrill of a lifetime. They just said it would be worth it.

Nothing has ever been more true.

Although most days are boring, I'm happier than I've ever been. I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

I don't think I could if I wanted to since the above mentioned tasks of the day wore me out to the point of turning in at 8:45. I guess that's part of growing up.

Good night, world! Tomorrow's another day.

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Life has been pretty good these last few days. Here are a few thoughts and experiences about our week so far:

I've remembered how much I hate snow.

My body thinks I'm 80 years old. I can't sneeze without pulling a muscle.

Cory is a master picture-hanger-er.

When my husband gets bored, he changes the oil on two cars, hangs cabinets in the garage by himself, replaces burned out lightbulbs, fixes the broken blinds, and shovels the driveway-again. Yes, he did all this today.

I'm grounding myself from ice cream.

Kennedy is fascinated with Cory's chest hair.

Her favorite toys right now are a fake phone, an empty Gobstoppers box, and a Pez dispenser.

Walmart makes the worst photo prints.

And last but not least....

I actually cooked something with capers in it. Wasn't too impressed. Also, what the heck are capers?

I promise to blog about something more exciting when something more exciting actually happens.


Family Pictures

My beautiful and talented friend Mindy took our family photo's last week. I LOVE THEM!! She did an amazing job! Thanks again, Mindy! Here's some of my favorites:

 I love that Kennedy is pointing at her shoes in this next one. Lisa bought those shoes for her when she was in Scotland! They're authentic.
 This next one is my absolute FAVORITE!!

 So cute!!!


Hide and Seek

She doesn't quite have the concept down. I found her almost instantly.


Megan: Version 2007

I was browsing my email account last night in bed and discovered that Yahoo! has saved every single photo I've ever emailed to myself over the last 5 years. I have photos back from 2006 to present. It was fun looking at them all. Cory and I got a good laugh out of a few of them and some were just down right embarrassing. We came across the above photo and Cory said it was, and I quote, "Ooooo! Hot!" I agreed it was a pretty picture, however as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. To me, this picture tells a story other than it just looking nice.

This picture was taken in February of 2007. It was probably one of the very few times I took an effort to get ready. I was roommates with Adrianne in an awful apartment in Logan. It was absolutely freezing!

The bags under my eyes are evidence that I didn't sleep much. I don't look happy because I wasn't. This was not a happy time for me in my life.

The cards taped to the wall in the back were my new years resolutions. I made plans to better myself and be happy again; I can't recall if they worked or not.

The statue of Christ with the children in the background was made by my mom. It was a Christmas present we all received two months prior. I kept it there to remind me to attend church and have faith that everything would work out somehow. I'll admit, there were times when I didn't believe it would.

The blinds are closed because peeping toms were in the area and my room was ground level. I always steered clear of the window.

My hair looks awesome. Enough said.

Oh, and I still have that jacket. It most likely doesn't fit.

So to sum up, I look pretty in this picture. But I also look miserable. I was miserable. Things were tough.

Fast forward 5 years and things are drastically different. For starters, I no longer spend time taking ridiculous photos of myself for the world to see. But my life is so much better than I ever could have hoped for.

Those 5 years were quite a journey. It was around this time that Adrianne and I finally got to move out to a different apartment that wasn't -10 degrees all the time and she really showed her friendship to me.

Two months later I was finally convinced by my mom and my health to move back home and start over. I also quit my pop addiction. Yay!

Three months after this picture I met Cory for the first time. In one weekend he helped turn my life around and gave me hope that not every man out there was a total creep. He made me smile and laugh and most importantly, he treated me well.

8 months after that we were engaged.

5 months later we were married. That was the most amazing day! I can't believe I get to be with him forever. I've never felt so blissfully happy before. Nothing else mattered as long as I got to be with Cory.

Two years after this picture, almost to the day, Adrianne was killed. I miss her so much. It wasn't luck that we were roommates and that she became such a great friend. She blessed my life so much. Now she's in heaven working hard and free from any agony the world offers.

Two years and 8 months later we found out we were going to be parents.

And now today we have our beautiful little girl.

5 years ago I never dreamed I'd be where I am today. It seems like a whole other lifetime. I was a different person than I am today. Back then I was broken. Today things are better than I ever imagined. I've never been so happy. And one thing that has hit me this weekend is the fact that I don't need to prove that to anyone. It shows in my countenance (usually), it shows in my smile and how I feel each day. I don't need to convince the world that I'm happier today than I was 5 years ago. It's obvious. I have calming reassurances every day that my life, our life as a family, is going exactly where we want it to go. Sure there will be surprises and bumps along the way. But we have direction. We have a purpose. We have each other. Forever. And we have the happiness we feel each day. So, 2007 version of Megan, things do get better and it's more wonderful than you can comprehend.

The bad news is, your hair probably won't ever look that good again. Sorry.



This is my cute little stinker:
 Today we sat down to read books:
 We had a great time at first:
 But then things started to go horribly awry:

 She tried every angle possible:

 Then decided to re-evaluate the situation; get a different perspective:
 "Yes, this way should work much better," she thought.
 Looks like I need to teach her portion control. Oh and that you can't actually eat books.

For good measure and because it's cute, here's miss crazy-pants lounged out watching Baby Einstein.
They grow up so fast.

Sincerely, Confused

Baby weight sucks. For 6 months now I've been working very hard to lose the extra weight I gained while being pregnant. Exercise is where it's at so I started small (while healing) and have progressively added more time and more intensity. The last couple months have been full of butt-kicking, exhausting hour and a half workouts that have left me sore and achy and feeling accomplished. However, the weight loss has been EXTREMELY slow and seemingly non-existent. "Give it time" people would say, "It'll come, just don't give up." Annoyed and frustrated, I tried increasing the intensity even more.

However, my effort were a little too crazy because now I've gone and injured myself. My knees have been achy and it hurts to crouch. My friends husband who's a physicians assistant says he thinks I have petellar tendonitis which is common. He instructed me to rest from exercise for 10 days (I can walk and still work my arms and abs) while taking 800mg of ibuprofen, stretching, and icing 3 times a day. I felt punched in the gut. 10 days? 10 DAYS?!?! After getting over the initial shock, I came to my senses and realized it's better to heal my knees now before it gets any worse. So, I took his advice. I've been horrible at the icing and stretching part so I may have to rest longer than 10 days. It's SO hard to remember to do it!!

So, I've been walking on the treadmill and working my upper body, but I've hardly felt like I've been working out. I've felt incredibly lazy. I was sure I was gaining weight and that all the work I've been doing would be lost. But to my shock and utter confusion, in the 8 days I've been resting I've lost 4 pounds. It took me months to lose that much with rigorous exercise. What the...? So basically, I've been killing myself for nothing, is that right? GAH!! I don't understand it. I've always enjoyed exercising so I can't wait to get back into the groove and work out and go running again*. But apparently I don't need to drive myself into the ground. I wish someone would have told me that earlier. I don't get it. And although it's confusing and kind of irritating, at least I'm losing weight. That's the ultimate goal here.

*I was going to buy a Garmin GPS watch for running but then I found a free app called imapmyrun (Cory has an android and he found it under mapmyrun) that accurately tells you your pace, time, distance, calories, elevation, and maps your run and saves it for future use. Also works for biking. It's AWESOME!!! I've only been able to use it twice. I can't wait to get out and use it more. It needs to warm up!! I highly recommend it. It saved me $250.


Important Information

I just discovered something shocking that I thought I'd share with my friends on here. I was on my Facebook today switching over to the new timeline (it'll be mandatory soon, also it's kind of cool) and was arranging my privacy settings and exploring some new things. Under "manage account" and then "security", you can actually see when and where your Facebook account has been accesses and what times. I had a bunch from a city up north that I don't live in, and also Houston, Texas, which is very far from Utah. So I'm not the only one logging in to my facebook account. Here's the good news though. I chose to end those log in session, and there's some other features you can activate to make your account more secure. For example, I had Facebook register my computer and my phone as the ONLY recognized devices in which I can log in to and it'll know it's me. If someone tries to access my account from any other device, Facebook will notify me. Also, of I try and log in on any other device, Facebook will text me a confirmation code that I have to put in before it'll let me log in. It might seem like a pain but that way no one can access my account without that code. And it changes each time I log in. If you want to activate these settings yourself and can't figure it out, let me know and I'll help ya. Kind of scary.

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In some regards, I consider myself to be a generally lazy person. For example:
1. I get 10+ hours of sleep a night. Granted, that's not always uninterrupted sleep due to Kennedy or having to visit the potty (let's face it, this old gray mare ain't what she used to be...) but still, that's a lot of sleep.
2. Sometimes I'll avoid a restaurant I want to go to just because it doesn't have a drive-thru.
3. I put off folding laundry as long as possible.
4. I'd rather eat out than cook.
5. I always grumble when I have to change the toilet paper roll. 
These aren't that bad, but laziness is in my blood. But lately, I've been trying to push out the laziness and better myself in more ways than one.

For example, I've been honing in on my wifey skills lately and have been trying to cook more; and I don't mean just frying up a chicken breast with Rice-a-Roni - which I'm famous for - but real honest to goodness home-style cookin'. I mentioned in a previous post about that cookbook I bought that's kind of changed my life. I've never really enjoyed cooking before now but I'm kind of starting to think about the possibility of maybe liking it. It's fun when Cory is actually excited about a meal. Plus it makes grocery shopping an even more exciting adventure. What the crap is cumin? And where on earth do you find Marsala wine?? I'm getting better and learning new things. I wasn't totally cooking-handicapped but making stuff from scratch has really broadened my horizons. Not to mention it's kept us from eating out a lot and saved us from all the horrible foods that are out there. (I still enjoy a greasy hamburger every once in a while. I AM human).

I have this unnatural fear of becoming the 1960's wife who wears an apron and stays home to cook and clean with a smile on her face. I'm not sure where it stemmed from but it's been kind of frightening to embrace the lifestyle. Turns out, I love cleaning; so sorry, Mom, for all the times I complained and said I hated you for making me vacuum the stairs. I get it now. In fact I may have even surpassed you in the obsessive cleaner category. Having a big kitchen with a dishwasher has also helped the cooking bug to bite my lazy little toosh and get myself in gear. I feel proud and accomplished when I've made a great dinner and we collapse on the couch like beached whales with full and satisfied tummies. I'm getting better at embracing my inner 1960's wife-ish-ness. But I'll be damned if you'll ever catch me in apron...


Stuff About Things

Here are a bunch of random updates in no particular order:

First, we decided to put Kennedy in the crawling position and see how she fared. She just sat there confused for a couple minutes until she finally fell over.

Second, we finally got snow!! We had a good 6 inches at our house. The people across the street only got about 3.... go figure....
 Third, we grouted our back splash today. Ta-Da!

Fourth, I've been working on some craft projects that were supposed to last me a while and they're already done.
This one is for the front room when we get it done:

 I'm doing our front room those colors. It'll be blue, dark brown, tan, and white. It's going to look awesome! But not till probably February... Until then it's a blob of tan.
I wanted a cute something to hang on our front door for months without Holidays or months with holidays I don't care about. So, I made this:

Cute, eh? I'm getting better at this crafting crap.

And finally, Kennedy has been speaking with consonant sounds!! The other day I was doing something and she was quiet and then randomly just said "Dada." I flipped out and went over and said, "Did you just say dada?" She smiled at me and repeated it and copied me each time I said it. I know she has no idea what it means but it's the cutest!! I got video of her kind of saying it. It's more of a mix of "yaya" and "dada" in it, and it also won't upload on here for some infuriating reason, so I'll post it on facebook for you guys to see. 

That's the end of the randomness.


Food and Friends

I'm dying a little inside that I'm actually posting a blog about cooking... Not that cooking is bad, and people who cook are awesome, I just never thought I'd see myself here in this position. It's a little odd. Anyway, my best friend recommended the cookbook "The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner", by Liz Edmunds. I guess this lady has a show on BYUtv. I bought it and man does she have amazing recipes!! I first made her Alfredo sauce which is fantastic. Tonight I tried her chicken burritos with lime sauce. HOLY COW!! It rivals Cafe Rio and Costa Vida for sure. They were delicious!!! I highly recommend this cookbook. Worth every penny. Yum, yum, yum!!

On another note, I met a good friend out at The Wood Connection today that I haven't seen in years. It was so good to see her. I even drove away crying because I am so blessed to have such amazing friends. Every day this week so far has been spent with a dear friend and I want you all to know how much I love and appreciate you. You're the best!! I'm one lucky lady.