I am not a girlie-girl. 

For example:
I usually fall in love with a fashion statement after it's "so last season."
I've never had my nails done, not even for my wedding.
I've never had a pedicure.
If my life depended on naming a popular designer, I'd die.
I've never had a massage.
I've never waxed anything.
I've never plucked my eyebrows.
I've never had a facial.
Frankly, I'd be a little afraid of a spa because I don't know how anything works. 
I only wear eye make-up.
I only do my hair to keep it out of my face because apparently it's not socially acceptable to shave my head.
Only recently have I started wearing heals and I have Adrianne to thank for that. But usually when I wear them they hurt and I walk like I'm drunk. Unless they're a really good pair. 
I dress up for church and special occasions. Other than that I usually don't have a problem with people seeing me in my sweats. 
If it wasn't for the internet, our house wouldn't be decorated cute. Cory would probably take over with his Corvette posters and stuffed deer heads.
I've never had  a spray tan. I have been tanning before, so maybe that's not too bad. 
I own a purse but I hate it. Besides, it's been replaced with the diaper bag anyway. 
I had no idea what H&M was. 
The only restaurant where I order a salad is Cafe Rio, and I usually eat the entire thing.
The only jewelry I wear is my wedding ring and even sometimes that bothers me. 
(I do shave my legs, just to clarify)
I don't do these things because I generally don't care about them.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be pampered at a spa, even though it would be a little scary. 
If we were swimming in money, I'd probably take the time to care about designers. I might even watch Project Runway!


Instead, I get dirty. 
I break bones.
I break nails.
I pull muscles.
I work until I'm exhausted and sweaty.
I prefer a hoodie and jeans over anything else.
If I could, I'd wear my running shoes everywhere. 
I eat like a man.
I actually like it when I get battle wounds from doing something awesome. 
I absolutely love camping.
I wish I could play football on Thanksgiving.
I check out lifted Jeeps out on the road AND can name their tires and sometimes the size.
I get turned on by the roar of performance engine.
I burp out loud.


Oh, I'm still a woman. 
I have mood swings, I cry, I eat my feelings, I talk about my feelings, I throw tantrums - -  you know, all that fun crap with comes with estrogen. 
I'm just a different kind of woman.
Some prefer the girlir-girl route, and that's OK.
Well, I don't. I'm just....


Amy said...

You really need to get a pedicure, you'll LOVE it!!

Lacie said...

Hi Megan!!! I wanted to let you know I picked you for the Liebster Blog Award! In order to have any idea what I'm talking about read my post!