Christmas 2011

This year made it's way to the top of my most favorite Christmas's. Even though Kennedy is only 6 months old, having a child made it twice as fun!!

The festivities started on Christmas Eve. We went over to my parents house for a little bit to open presents with Tyler's family since they wouldn't be around Christmas day. We tried to dress Kennedy up to get into the Christmas spirit...
Bradlee and Brock had fun opening their presents from the family.

 They brought one for their cousin, Kennedy. She was mostly interested in eating it.
But with help from Daddy the present was finally unwrapped. And she loves it!!
We stayed for dinner and hung out for a little bit with everyone. It was a great Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning we planned to get up before Kennedy and get ready so we wouldn't have to after opening presents. It was a good idea in theory, but she must have been excited for Santa because she was up early too and happy as ever!

I need to start off by explaining that she was a perfect angel ALL day! Normally she freaks out when we go to our family's houses and doesn't let anyone hold her for a while without crying. But yesterday she was just like she is at home. She smiled and played and let everyone hold her, even Dustin! It was the best present ever and I teared up a few times because everyone has been wanting to hold her so badly. Anyway, moving on... We went down to the front room and started to open presents. Kennedy was excited. I love her Christmas jammies!

We handed her her first present
Which eventually got opened
And she loved it
And then she started to get a little greedy...
But it's Christmas, you're supposed to play with toys.

Cory and I had already bought our big Christmas presents, and we did our other shopping together, so we didn't have much to open that morning that we didn't already know about. But i surprised Cory with a fishing game for the Wii.
 And Kennedy and I continued to open presents

 She loved her dress, even though she already has this one, it's just too small now.
 She sure was a curious baby! "What else did I get?"
 "What ya got there, Mom?"

After having our own family time, we packed up and headed to the Hunter's for more present madness.

 It literally melted my heart that Kennedy had so much fun with everyone.

After opening presents we all went to church together. It was so fun and a wonderful sacrament meeting. Plus we got to visit our old ward which was nice. I miss those people. It was a great ward.

After church we went over to the McLachlan's to open presents before Collin and Natalie had to leave. Again, Kennedy had a great time. She mostly wanted to eat the wrapping paper all day but she eventually started to get the idea.
 My mom asked me months ago if she could buy Kennedy an activity center for Christmas. We of course said that would be awesome, so we saved her big present for last.

She loves it!! I mean, loves it! When we first sat her down in it she was so excited she just didn't know what to do with herself. Then she'd turn and bump and new toy and she shake with excitement and freak out. It was ADORABLE!! She's still a little short for it so her feet don't quite touch yet but it's so cute to see.

We had a yummy traditional Christmas dinner/lunch and played LIFE on the Wii. Then ww headed back to the Hunter's and played Apple to Apples until it was time to take Kennedy home to go to bed. The day was absolutely perfect. Everyone had a great time and we were just so happy all day. I went to bed in tears at how blessed we are. We have the best families and we have always had everything we've ever needed and then some. What a humbling thing. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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