Momma's Girl

I'm obsessed with my mom. Growing up, I never had a constant best friend my age that I always confided in or that I did everything with. I had friends, but we were all changing too often for us to remain super close. Instead, I had my mom. She understood me like no one else could, until Cory came along. I always went to her, told her everything, vented to her... etc. I'm her exact replica, basically. We like the same things, get annoyed at the same stuff, and appreciate the same kinds of people. When I went away to college I had the HARDEST time the first month or so. I'd call her every night and cry and beg to come home because I missed her so much. Everything seemed so much easier with her around and suddenly I didn't have her to take away my troubles by playing with my hair. I learned to be comfortable with only having telephone access to reach her. Even now, I still call her constantly. If something funny happens, I call my mom. If someone has hurt me or annoyed me, I call my mom for advice. If I'm bored, I call my mom. If I sneeze, I call my mom. Ok, not really. But too often, something will happen and my phone will already be dialing my mom before I've even consciously made the decision to call her about it. She's still my best friend, along with Cory now. I don't think many people understand how close our relationship is. But getting right down to it, I'd be very, very lost without my mom. I love her dearly and I have her to thank for many things in my life and for always being hands down, the best mom ever. She set quite a standard. I have big shoes to fill.

That being said, now I'm the mom. Now I have a daughter who clearly loves me and I'm scared to death of messing that up. I want to be the kind of mom that my mother was to me. I want her to trust me, confide in me, want to be around me all the time, and love me regardless of my mistakes. I hope I can accomplish these things. I can't imagine a life without a mom. It pains me to hear stories of children who have grown up without the loving embrace of their mothers. It happens and I know those children will be greatly rewarded in heaven. They're stronger than I am. We've recently been discussing our will, and what will happen to Kennedy and our future children if Cory and I happened to die. It's a horrible topic, but one we must all face - the "what if". Every time it's brought up, I think about Kennedy growing up with her mother - without me -  and I get sick. I always cry because if we died right now, she wouldn't remember us. I know she would in heaven but that's not a thought I can live with right now. I hope that by always having and always showing her (and other children we may have) my unconditional love for her, we'll have that close bond that I have with my mom. It's insane how much I love Kennedy. If you're a mother, you get it. If not, I hope you get to experience this incredible blessing for yourself. Nothing will ever sway my love for my kids. Kennedy is my life now and it's better than it's ever been. I'm counting on us growing closer as she gets older. Some day she'll be grown up and will have kids of her own. I hope I can set a great example of motherhood for her, like my mom did for me.



I decided to have a little fun today and let Kennedy play with a lemon wedge. This is how it went:
 The end.

Christmas 2011

This year made it's way to the top of my most favorite Christmas's. Even though Kennedy is only 6 months old, having a child made it twice as fun!!

The festivities started on Christmas Eve. We went over to my parents house for a little bit to open presents with Tyler's family since they wouldn't be around Christmas day. We tried to dress Kennedy up to get into the Christmas spirit...
Bradlee and Brock had fun opening their presents from the family.

 They brought one for their cousin, Kennedy. She was mostly interested in eating it.
But with help from Daddy the present was finally unwrapped. And she loves it!!
We stayed for dinner and hung out for a little bit with everyone. It was a great Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning we planned to get up before Kennedy and get ready so we wouldn't have to after opening presents. It was a good idea in theory, but she must have been excited for Santa because she was up early too and happy as ever!

I need to start off by explaining that she was a perfect angel ALL day! Normally she freaks out when we go to our family's houses and doesn't let anyone hold her for a while without crying. But yesterday she was just like she is at home. She smiled and played and let everyone hold her, even Dustin! It was the best present ever and I teared up a few times because everyone has been wanting to hold her so badly. Anyway, moving on... We went down to the front room and started to open presents. Kennedy was excited. I love her Christmas jammies!

We handed her her first present
Which eventually got opened
And she loved it
And then she started to get a little greedy...
But it's Christmas, you're supposed to play with toys.

Cory and I had already bought our big Christmas presents, and we did our other shopping together, so we didn't have much to open that morning that we didn't already know about. But i surprised Cory with a fishing game for the Wii.
 And Kennedy and I continued to open presents

 She loved her dress, even though she already has this one, it's just too small now.
 She sure was a curious baby! "What else did I get?"
 "What ya got there, Mom?"

After having our own family time, we packed up and headed to the Hunter's for more present madness.

 It literally melted my heart that Kennedy had so much fun with everyone.

After opening presents we all went to church together. It was so fun and a wonderful sacrament meeting. Plus we got to visit our old ward which was nice. I miss those people. It was a great ward.

After church we went over to the McLachlan's to open presents before Collin and Natalie had to leave. Again, Kennedy had a great time. She mostly wanted to eat the wrapping paper all day but she eventually started to get the idea.
 My mom asked me months ago if she could buy Kennedy an activity center for Christmas. We of course said that would be awesome, so we saved her big present for last.

She loves it!! I mean, loves it! When we first sat her down in it she was so excited she just didn't know what to do with herself. Then she'd turn and bump and new toy and she shake with excitement and freak out. It was ADORABLE!! She's still a little short for it so her feet don't quite touch yet but it's so cute to see.

We had a yummy traditional Christmas dinner/lunch and played LIFE on the Wii. Then ww headed back to the Hunter's and played Apple to Apples until it was time to take Kennedy home to go to bed. The day was absolutely perfect. Everyone had a great time and we were just so happy all day. I went to bed in tears at how blessed we are. We have the best families and we have always had everything we've ever needed and then some. What a humbling thing. Merry Christmas everyone!!



I am not a girlie-girl. 

For example:
I usually fall in love with a fashion statement after it's "so last season."
I've never had my nails done, not even for my wedding.
I've never had a pedicure.
If my life depended on naming a popular designer, I'd die.
I've never had a massage.
I've never waxed anything.
I've never plucked my eyebrows.
I've never had a facial.
Frankly, I'd be a little afraid of a spa because I don't know how anything works. 
I only wear eye make-up.
I only do my hair to keep it out of my face because apparently it's not socially acceptable to shave my head.
Only recently have I started wearing heals and I have Adrianne to thank for that. But usually when I wear them they hurt and I walk like I'm drunk. Unless they're a really good pair. 
I dress up for church and special occasions. Other than that I usually don't have a problem with people seeing me in my sweats. 
If it wasn't for the internet, our house wouldn't be decorated cute. Cory would probably take over with his Corvette posters and stuffed deer heads.
I've never had  a spray tan. I have been tanning before, so maybe that's not too bad. 
I own a purse but I hate it. Besides, it's been replaced with the diaper bag anyway. 
I had no idea what H&M was. 
The only restaurant where I order a salad is Cafe Rio, and I usually eat the entire thing.
The only jewelry I wear is my wedding ring and even sometimes that bothers me. 
(I do shave my legs, just to clarify)
I don't do these things because I generally don't care about them.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be pampered at a spa, even though it would be a little scary. 
If we were swimming in money, I'd probably take the time to care about designers. I might even watch Project Runway!


Instead, I get dirty. 
I break bones.
I break nails.
I pull muscles.
I work until I'm exhausted and sweaty.
I prefer a hoodie and jeans over anything else.
If I could, I'd wear my running shoes everywhere. 
I eat like a man.
I actually like it when I get battle wounds from doing something awesome. 
I absolutely love camping.
I wish I could play football on Thanksgiving.
I check out lifted Jeeps out on the road AND can name their tires and sometimes the size.
I get turned on by the roar of performance engine.
I burp out loud.


Oh, I'm still a woman. 
I have mood swings, I cry, I eat my feelings, I talk about my feelings, I throw tantrums - -  you know, all that fun crap with comes with estrogen. 
I'm just a different kind of woman.
Some prefer the girlir-girl route, and that's OK.
Well, I don't. I'm just....


Temple Square

Tonight we went with my family to see the lights at Temple Square. In recent years the lights have kind of been less than impressive. But it's fun to have something to do and see the temple at night. It's so gorgeous. We had Kennedy bundled up tight and she did awesome in the freezing temps. Our baby is perfect :)

I had a hard time with the massive amounts of people that were there. I don't do well in crowds, it just makes me stressed. But regardless of that, I sat thinking on the ride home about how very, very happy I am. There's no where else I'd rather be in my life. I have so many amazing blessings and I'm surrounded by love and devotion. I'm very grateful for that.