Thanksgiving this year was really great. Cory worked - a decision we decided together - we couldn't pass up the holiday pay! I missed him but it wasn't too bad alone actually. I headed up to my mom's and helped her cook and set up the beautiful table.

My aunt, uncle, and cousin came to eat with us then after dinner my cousins showed up to hang out. It was really fun and the food was delicious!! I really missed my mom's mashed potatoes and gravy the last couple years. And Kennedy was a super champ on her first Thanksgiving! I was worried she'd flip out with all the strangers around but she was happy and playful. Once Cory got off we went over to his parents house. By then Kennedy was really tired and she was NOT a super champ. She cried almost the whole time we were there :(. But it was nice to see family and visit.

 The food and little Kennedy.

It's been an incredible year for Cory and I and I have much to be thankful for. Rather than go on and on about the usual (Cory, family, friends...) I want to talk about a couple very specific things I'm grateful for this year.

I'm grateful for modern medicine. One of my best friends has been battling cancer for the last couple years. I was scared to death of losing her but thank heavens, she's now cancer free and able to live a happy, healthy life. I don't know what we would have done without her and I'm grateful for her friendship each and every day.

I'm grateful for our home and neighbors. When we got married, we lived in a circle with drug dealers, pimps, and who knows what else. That got a lot better over the years but I never really felt safe and we didn't have any neighbors (right next to us) that we could trust. When we bought our house, we instantly adored our neighbors and they have fast become our friends. We feel safe and loved and we know we have people watching out for us. I'm so grateful for that and their friendships.

I'm grateful for Kennedy. I could write a novel on how happy she makes me and how I feel so blessed to be trusted to raise her. She's amazing. But I'll just summarize that I'm grateful her delivery was safe, she's happy and healthy and smart, and that she's ours forever. I can't describe how amazing it is to be a mom. Words will never be able to describe how much I love her.

I'm grateful to be me and for all that I've learned lately. I spend a lot of time dwelling on uncomfortable things in my life that I can't change. It frustrates me that I can't do anything. I'm learning to let go of that and focus on the good and ignore the bad. It's made for a much happier life and I'm grateful for that and for the Lord's help in all this.

I love my life so much! It's far from perfect but it feels perfect quite often. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I can't wait for Christmas!!

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