My sink:
 His sink:
 Not too bad, right?
My shoes:
 I promise there are shoes in there somewhere:
 How I hang my towel:
 How Cory hangs his:
 My sock drawer:
 His sock drawer:
 My nightstand:
 His nightstand:
 The room where I got Christmas stuff out:
 The room where he got Christmas stuff out:
Cory can be messy and I'm an anal freak. But regardless of our differences, we fit perfectly together. I couldn't imagine a more perfect eternal companion. And together, we create perfection:


Wendy said...

Love the duct tape on the night stand. I would expect nothing less. But, is that a crock pot? I'm also glad to see that you have swords in your closet for protection. That reminds me of another closet/sword story that is pretty humerous:)

Jennifer said...

Opposites attract for a reason. Eventually you may each bring each other into balance. :)

Lacie said...


I will probably copy you -- just so you know!

It's hard to see Cory's parents house with the trees toppled over! I hope they are okay!! I am happy you guys are okay!