Is This Love That I'm Feeling?

I'm not real sure why the words to a Bob Marley song seemed to make an appropriate title, but just go with it.

Kennedy Update
I mentioned briefly that she's learned to roll over. Most babies start rolling form their stomach to their backs but she's the opposite. I'll lay her down on the floor and in seconds she's got her self turned over just chillin on her belly. It's nice because I no longer have to enforce or encourage tummy time. She gets on her tummy by herself and she loves being there.

Reaching for things has become second nature to her now. And she's very quick at getting things in her mouth. She gets frustrated when she can't get the toys hanging from her floor gym or bouncer to her mouth because they don't reach that far.

We're trying rice cereal tomorrow. Cory said I needed to wait for him because he didn't want to miss it. We'll see how it goes.

Me Update
I thought everyone was lying when they complained about baby weight being hard to lose. Boy was I wrong!!  I think my final option is starvation.

I hate Halloween candy. Hate it. The little "bite size" and "fun size" portions makes it seem so harmless to eat. Before you know it, you've eaten half the bag. I should have dumped the remainders into the bucket of the last trick-or-treat-er we had.

Someone's birthday is coming up and in case any birthday fairy's are wondering what to get me... I need clothes and warm running gear. Gift cards are highly recommended. 

I ate an entire plate of mashed potatoes today. Surprised? Me either.

I'm really nervous for Breaking Dawn. I can picture it now... the uncomfortable silence as we all sit and watch Bella and Edward go at each other. Should be fun.

I realize this is not Christ-like, but I'm angry with atheists right now.

And finally....

It's Thursday. I love for Thursdays. Big Bang. Parks and Rec. The Office. OH YEAH!

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Lacie said...

Best blog ever!!!! Love it!!!! I can just picture you saying all of it! :)