I saw an interesting story this morning on the The Early Show. They were talking about facebook friends vs. actual close, real friends. Many people have hundreds, even thousands of facebook friends. But a study they conducted said that 96% of people said they only consider one or two of those friends to be close enough that they can rely on for anything. And the other 4% said none of them were close friends.

I'm not at all surprised from this. I have to laugh at some people who add friends on facebook just because they know their name. Some people think adding friends is like collecting trophies. They discussed why people have so many facebook friends on the show and one person narrowed it down to nosiness. I couldn't agree more!! Most people aren't interested in talking to their facebook friends or even caring about them, they're just nosy and want to see their pictures and what they're doing. I have rejected many friend requests on facebook of people who I know from high school or wherever who I've never had a conversation with. I know this sounds harsh, but if you've never cared to get to know me before, why all the sudden now?

I've always been picky about those I choose to be friends with on facebook. Basically those I care about and would actually talk to, I keep as friends. I don't want people I never talk to keeping tabs on me for who knows whatever reason. And I don't care to keep tabs on people just because we went to the same school.

I'm interested to know where they took their survey. I would consider I good portion of my facebook friends actual, close friends. I'm really lucky to have the close circle of friends I have. I don't have hundreds of so-so friends, I have a handful of amazing, wonderful, selfless friends. I'm so blessed to have them in my life. And you know who you are!! I notice more than people realize and it was really made evident to me when I had Kennedy who really cares about me and my family. Some never said a word about it. But, so many people showed an amazing outpouring of love and support for us. They visited, brought meals, and gave us clothes and toys. I'd never felt so much support before. And I still do! Whenever I have a question or concern, I have several friends I know I can text and they'll respond ASAP with a genuine answer. I'm incredibly blessed and I love my close friends so much. I don't collect names. I collect good qualities and good people and I never let them go. Thanks for all you do!! You help make my life wonderful!

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