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It's happened... I've become what I feared most... a crafter. Ok, that's an exaggeration. But up until a week ago I had hardly any interest in it. That's mostly because I've generally sucked at making things. I have very little patience and I can't look at a piece of wood or fabric and think up something creative and cute.

But on Saturday, Cory, my mom, our friend Cindy, and I went to The Wood Connection for the very first time and I found myself in a world I've never experienced. I was instantly hooked. Turns out crafting is easy when they tell you exactly how to make it :) I bought two projects to last me a while and I ended up finishing them the next day. I'll be needing to go back. They have SO many cute things! Here's what I made:

I'll be going back for some more Christmas decorations and some other things after Thanksgiving. And probably every month from now on to make some kind of cute decorations.

Kennedy is still learning and growing! She's now figured out how to roll from her stomach to her back. As soon as she gets it down it'll be fun to see her do a full roll over. She's super fast at going from her back to her stomach.

She wants to grab EVERYTHING! Reading to her has been funny because all she wants to do is grab and eat the books. She reaches out for anything and everything that's close to her. The other day my paint supplies were in reach while she was sitting in her Bumbo and she got a hold of my brushes and dumped them all out and started sucking on the bag. It's kept me on my toes.  But my favorite thing is when we talk to her and we're close enough, she'll reach out and put her hand on our cheeks and smile at us. It's heart-melting.

Cory has been working a lot of overtime lately for some extra money. It sucks having him gone so much but it'll be worth it in the end. I admire how hard he works every day and he still comes home and is a wonderful husband and father. I love him so much!! He's so great with Kennedy! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I can't imagine a more perfect person to be with for forever. 

I'm excited for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. I can't wait to decorate our house and put up lights. I'll be sure to put up pictures.

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Amy said...

I love it! Welcome to the crafty world. :)