My sink:
 His sink:
 Not too bad, right?
My shoes:
 I promise there are shoes in there somewhere:
 How I hang my towel:
 How Cory hangs his:
 My sock drawer:
 His sock drawer:
 My nightstand:
 His nightstand:
 The room where I got Christmas stuff out:
 The room where he got Christmas stuff out:
Cory can be messy and I'm an anal freak. But regardless of our differences, we fit perfectly together. I couldn't imagine a more perfect eternal companion. And together, we create perfection:


Tell Me That's Not Contagious

This video will not disappoint. I only wish you could see her face.


And Then It Was 5

Kennedy is 5 months old today!! I can't tell you how much her personality has blossomed the last month. She plays, copies, studies, and as always, is just so happy!!

She wants anything she can get her hands on. I can't text while holding her anymore because she tries to grab my phone. She wanted the camera pretty bad this morning as well:

 We've been working on her muscles to help her sit up and stand. She can sit up for a moment on her own but as soon as she leans back she falls over. But she'll get it eventually. She loves to stand and does for quite a while. She looks around with a huge grin. I think she likes seeing the world from a little higher up.

She's one smart cookie!! She watches everything and studies it and tries to figure out how to do it. It only took her one time of feeding her solids to figure out how to open her mouth and close it to get it off the spoon. And yesterday I was waving to her and she watched my hand intently then started to copy my movements with her own. Her hand wasn't facing the right way, but her fingers were going up and down like mine. Before we know it she'll be doing it on command!

She is the most perfect, well -behaved baby. She puts herself to sleep and she entertains herself in the morning while she waits for me to come get her. Rarely does she ever cry when she wakes up. I go in and she's smiles and kicks with excitement when I poke my head over her crib. This is the face I get to wake up to:

She's still kind of small for her age. Not super small, but she doesn't fit in 6 month sizes yet. She's still in 0-3 months for some brands. She also frequently falls asleep with her hands on her face. It's pretty funny. There's a photo below. We just love her so much and can't believe how big she's getting. We took a bunch of pictures this morning of her in her cute church dress that she's now big enough to wear. Thanks again, Kristie! And there's also some others cute/funny ones to enjoy.

We started decorating for Christmas and put together our list of things we want this year. I can't wait!! It's going to be extra fun to play Santa, even though she's still too small to know what that means. I'm just excited to spoil her with clothes and toys. She's got us wrapped around her finger for sure!!



Thanksgiving this year was really great. Cory worked - a decision we decided together - we couldn't pass up the holiday pay! I missed him but it wasn't too bad alone actually. I headed up to my mom's and helped her cook and set up the beautiful table.

My aunt, uncle, and cousin came to eat with us then after dinner my cousins showed up to hang out. It was really fun and the food was delicious!! I really missed my mom's mashed potatoes and gravy the last couple years. And Kennedy was a super champ on her first Thanksgiving! I was worried she'd flip out with all the strangers around but she was happy and playful. Once Cory got off we went over to his parents house. By then Kennedy was really tired and she was NOT a super champ. She cried almost the whole time we were there :(. But it was nice to see family and visit.

 The food and little Kennedy.

It's been an incredible year for Cory and I and I have much to be thankful for. Rather than go on and on about the usual (Cory, family, friends...) I want to talk about a couple very specific things I'm grateful for this year.

I'm grateful for modern medicine. One of my best friends has been battling cancer for the last couple years. I was scared to death of losing her but thank heavens, she's now cancer free and able to live a happy, healthy life. I don't know what we would have done without her and I'm grateful for her friendship each and every day.

I'm grateful for our home and neighbors. When we got married, we lived in a circle with drug dealers, pimps, and who knows what else. That got a lot better over the years but I never really felt safe and we didn't have any neighbors (right next to us) that we could trust. When we bought our house, we instantly adored our neighbors and they have fast become our friends. We feel safe and loved and we know we have people watching out for us. I'm so grateful for that and their friendships.

I'm grateful for Kennedy. I could write a novel on how happy she makes me and how I feel so blessed to be trusted to raise her. She's amazing. But I'll just summarize that I'm grateful her delivery was safe, she's happy and healthy and smart, and that she's ours forever. I can't describe how amazing it is to be a mom. Words will never be able to describe how much I love her.

I'm grateful to be me and for all that I've learned lately. I spend a lot of time dwelling on uncomfortable things in my life that I can't change. It frustrates me that I can't do anything. I'm learning to let go of that and focus on the good and ignore the bad. It's made for a much happier life and I'm grateful for that and for the Lord's help in all this.

I love my life so much! It's far from perfect but it feels perfect quite often. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I can't wait for Christmas!!



I had a birthday yesterday. Normally I don't care about my birthday that much but for some reason, I was really excited for it this year. I think it was because I'd get a day for me. Those are almost nonexistent since becoming a mom. It was really nice to have a break from mommy-duties (thanks, Cory) and to be spoiled for a bit. I had a couple dear friends surprise me with gifts and visits as well. I have the best friends ever. My day was wonderful. It consisted of homemade breakfast, shopping, visiting, Olive Garden, a Utes win, and money - for which there will be even more future shopping. Thanks to all my family and friends who made it a great day!!
Here we are at dinner:


Crafty Person

It's happened... I've become what I feared most... a crafter. Ok, that's an exaggeration. But up until a week ago I had hardly any interest in it. That's mostly because I've generally sucked at making things. I have very little patience and I can't look at a piece of wood or fabric and think up something creative and cute.

But on Saturday, Cory, my mom, our friend Cindy, and I went to The Wood Connection for the very first time and I found myself in a world I've never experienced. I was instantly hooked. Turns out crafting is easy when they tell you exactly how to make it :) I bought two projects to last me a while and I ended up finishing them the next day. I'll be needing to go back. They have SO many cute things! Here's what I made:

I'll be going back for some more Christmas decorations and some other things after Thanksgiving. And probably every month from now on to make some kind of cute decorations.

Kennedy is still learning and growing! She's now figured out how to roll from her stomach to her back. As soon as she gets it down it'll be fun to see her do a full roll over. She's super fast at going from her back to her stomach.

She wants to grab EVERYTHING! Reading to her has been funny because all she wants to do is grab and eat the books. She reaches out for anything and everything that's close to her. The other day my paint supplies were in reach while she was sitting in her Bumbo and she got a hold of my brushes and dumped them all out and started sucking on the bag. It's kept me on my toes.  But my favorite thing is when we talk to her and we're close enough, she'll reach out and put her hand on our cheeks and smile at us. It's heart-melting.

Cory has been working a lot of overtime lately for some extra money. It sucks having him gone so much but it'll be worth it in the end. I admire how hard he works every day and he still comes home and is a wonderful husband and father. I love him so much!! He's so great with Kennedy! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I can't imagine a more perfect person to be with for forever. 

I'm excited for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. I can't wait to decorate our house and put up lights. I'll be sure to put up pictures.



I saw an interesting story this morning on the The Early Show. They were talking about facebook friends vs. actual close, real friends. Many people have hundreds, even thousands of facebook friends. But a study they conducted said that 96% of people said they only consider one or two of those friends to be close enough that they can rely on for anything. And the other 4% said none of them were close friends.

I'm not at all surprised from this. I have to laugh at some people who add friends on facebook just because they know their name. Some people think adding friends is like collecting trophies. They discussed why people have so many facebook friends on the show and one person narrowed it down to nosiness. I couldn't agree more!! Most people aren't interested in talking to their facebook friends or even caring about them, they're just nosy and want to see their pictures and what they're doing. I have rejected many friend requests on facebook of people who I know from high school or wherever who I've never had a conversation with. I know this sounds harsh, but if you've never cared to get to know me before, why all the sudden now?

I've always been picky about those I choose to be friends with on facebook. Basically those I care about and would actually talk to, I keep as friends. I don't want people I never talk to keeping tabs on me for who knows whatever reason. And I don't care to keep tabs on people just because we went to the same school.

I'm interested to know where they took their survey. I would consider I good portion of my facebook friends actual, close friends. I'm really lucky to have the close circle of friends I have. I don't have hundreds of so-so friends, I have a handful of amazing, wonderful, selfless friends. I'm so blessed to have them in my life. And you know who you are!! I notice more than people realize and it was really made evident to me when I had Kennedy who really cares about me and my family. Some never said a word about it. But, so many people showed an amazing outpouring of love and support for us. They visited, brought meals, and gave us clothes and toys. I'd never felt so much support before. And I still do! Whenever I have a question or concern, I have several friends I know I can text and they'll respond ASAP with a genuine answer. I'm incredibly blessed and I love my close friends so much. I don't collect names. I collect good qualities and good people and I never let them go. Thanks for all you do!! You help make my life wonderful!


Here Comes the Airplane!

We tried rice cereal today and it went something like this:
The airplane came...
 The airplane flew in for the landing...

 The airplane crashed and burned.
There were no survivors. Carnage everywhere. See?
We'll keep working on it. Gotta start somewhere, right?


Is This Love That I'm Feeling?

I'm not real sure why the words to a Bob Marley song seemed to make an appropriate title, but just go with it.

Kennedy Update
I mentioned briefly that she's learned to roll over. Most babies start rolling form their stomach to their backs but she's the opposite. I'll lay her down on the floor and in seconds she's got her self turned over just chillin on her belly. It's nice because I no longer have to enforce or encourage tummy time. She gets on her tummy by herself and she loves being there.

Reaching for things has become second nature to her now. And she's very quick at getting things in her mouth. She gets frustrated when she can't get the toys hanging from her floor gym or bouncer to her mouth because they don't reach that far.

We're trying rice cereal tomorrow. Cory said I needed to wait for him because he didn't want to miss it. We'll see how it goes.

Me Update
I thought everyone was lying when they complained about baby weight being hard to lose. Boy was I wrong!!  I think my final option is starvation.

I hate Halloween candy. Hate it. The little "bite size" and "fun size" portions makes it seem so harmless to eat. Before you know it, you've eaten half the bag. I should have dumped the remainders into the bucket of the last trick-or-treat-er we had.

Someone's birthday is coming up and in case any birthday fairy's are wondering what to get me... I need clothes and warm running gear. Gift cards are highly recommended. 

I ate an entire plate of mashed potatoes today. Surprised? Me either.

I'm really nervous for Breaking Dawn. I can picture it now... the uncomfortable silence as we all sit and watch Bella and Edward go at each other. Should be fun.

I realize this is not Christ-like, but I'm angry with atheists right now.

And finally....

It's Thursday. I love for Thursdays. Big Bang. Parks and Rec. The Office. OH YEAH!