Happy Halloween!!

It was a fun day! Kennedy was a little chicken and rocked her costume! We stayed in tonight and handed out Candy to all the neighbor kids. My parents came over and helped scare the kids as they came to the door. It was fun.


4 Months Old!!

Our beautiful little girl is 4 months old today!! I can't believe how big she is getting. We went to the doctor today and here are her stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile)
Length: 25" (75th percentile)
Head: 16" (49th percentile)
The doctor said she is growing very well. He was surprised at some of the things she can do already like roll on her tummy from her back, grab objects so fast, braces her body quickly in reaction to being turned over, and he says he can see teeth forming although he doesn't know when they'll come in. She had two more shots today which sucked again but like last time, she calmed right down after I picked her up and even smiled at the nurse who poked her through her tears.

Kennedy is seriously such a happy baby. Every once in a while she'll get fussy or gassy or something and cry and scream but it doesn't happen very often. Here are some of the things she's doing now:

She's obsessed with me. She watches me no matter what I'm doing. She won't pay attention to other people if I'm around. And just recently in the last couple days, she's started to get mad if other people are holding her instead of me... that's bad. But, nothing deters her from watching her mommy, not even when she flips her bib in her face

She's a little cuddle bug. She loves to cuddle her burp rag or stuffed animals we give her.

She's discovered she has toes and tries to eat them. It's freaking adorable.

She also tries to help us out and hold her bottle. She grabs it when it's in her mouth but she hasn't figured out the technique yet.

 She's reaching and grabbing things now. She almost doesn't have to think about it anymore. She loves her bouncer and her floor gym. I tried to get a picture of her grabbing stuff but I wasn't able to. I just have one of her reaching
And her floor gym is her best friend! It plays really fun music and she kicks and squeals with excitement when I put her under it. I thought this picture of her with it was cute

She's progressing very well during tummy time.

Some other things she's doing that don't have cute pictures are:

Laughing. It's the best part of my day!!

She loves being sung to. She grins and coos at me when I sing to her.

Loves playing with herself in the mirror. She'll smile and talk to herself and sometimes laugh.

Really pulling my hair.

Demands attention when she's bored.

Tries to sit up on her own. She loves trying in her car seat.

And now for your viewing pleasure, quite possibly the cutest pictures I have taken of her so far:

And yes, her hair is out of control, and yes, I know she looks just like Cory.


Fall Moab Excersion

It's that time of year again! MOAB!!! This trip was a little different than normal which for the most part, I found very refreshing. And our cousins came along this time which rocked! It was so good to kick back and have fun with them and their families.

We went down Thursday morning. We were a little worried about a 4 hour car ride with Kennedy but she took it like a champ! We unloaded everything and just sat around camp for the rest of the day. There wasn't too much time to do much else.

Friday morning the boys and girls separated and for different activities and for the first time, I did NOT get to go 4-wheeling. It was weird. I didn't like being left behind. The boys enjoyed a little of this:

 Cory said Brock was calling for dinosaurs and took a picture of it.

Meanwhile, us ladies did something I've never done in Moab; we went shopping and dining!! We walked around the stores and I didn't find a single thing. I wanted to get a cute something for Kennedy but I didn't want to pay $18 for one onesie. Grandma however, didn't mind. She bought her a cute onsesie that says "Love Moab" on it. Gotta brain wash her early! But seriously with Cory and I as parents how could she not love Moab? We also had lunch at the Slick Rock Cafe.
Then we went back to camp and played games then made tin-foil dinners.

Saturday we went for a drive to Picture Frame Arch.

After the drive we got to do something I've been wanting to do in Moab ever since I was little: ROCK CLIMBING!!! I was so excited!! I'm definitely hooked on red rock climbing more than regular climbing. It's awesome!!!

Sunday morning we all wanted to go for a hike before we headed home. We started up Negro Bill Canyon but only went about a mile or so because we didn't have time for the whole hike.

Ryan caught a lizard and let the kids pet it. Well, the ones that wanted to...
And we stopped along the way and let everyone play in the river

It was a pretty successful trip. We had lots of fun. Cory and I are itching to go back and go climbing. Looks like our trips won't be strictly 4-wheeling anymore. Can't wait to go back!