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First up, after 5 1/2 months in our new ward, we finally got callings yesterday. We were both so nervous going in to meet with the bishop. We thought for sure we were going right to primary again. But instead we're now co-teaching with another couple the 14-18 year old youth for Sunday School. It's the perfect calling because it's every other week, only a Sunday gig, and we still get to go to Relief Society and Priesthood, which we love. But as he was talking about the influence we could have in the lives of the youth, I got all misty eyed because I started thinking back to my days as a youth in Sunday School. We had the best teachers! And although I was a little pill sometimes, I owe so much to those amazing teachers who taught me so much and set such a great example. I know they made a huge difference in the lives of all the youth in my ward growing up. I felt so humbled that here I was, 10 years later in their exact same shoes and I began to feel scared that I won't measure up as amazingly as they did. But we'll give it our all and hopefully be able to do a great job. We were called for a reason right? We're pretty excited and stoked that we get to serve together. I just hope Kennedy will behave herself on the times when Cory is working...

Next up, it's mid-September and we still have no visible progress on the deck. We have the plans drawn out, next step is to get a permit from the city, then we can go buy supplies. I'll be honest and say there's a slight chance it may not happen this fall, but we're optimistic that Cory will find the time to get it done before it snows.

Kennedy is growing like a weed. She's getting so big!! She's such a happy baby and all we have to do is say hi to her and she'll smile like crazy. Lately she's been sleeping all the way through the night. We put her to bed around 9:00-9:30 and she usually sleeps till about 7:30. I'm praying this continues because sleep is awesome! She's crazy about our ceiling fan and will squeal and kick when we turn it on. Who needs expensive toys? haha. She's really good at putting her hands in her mouth. She recognizes her binki and her bottle visually and sometimes she'll use her hands to push my hand up to her mouth when giving them to her. She's practicing sitting up in her Boppy. Once she gets stronger stomach muscles she'll have it made. Tummy time has been a challenge because she's decided she hates it. We're working on it though. And I guess I should mention since I'm getting a lot of questions/remarks about it that I'm not nursing. Mentally I understand it's a good choice for babies but I personally cannot handle it. People often ask me why, and I'll just honestly say that it grosses me out. I really tried to convince myself to be OK with it while pregnant and I really just can't get past my own feelings of it. I don't at all condone others who do it at all, in fact I'm impressed they don't have problems with it, but it wasn't the right choice for me. Kennedy is still very healthy, happy, and smart so I know I made a good choice for us. It was also very important to me to let Cory have the chance to feed her. In fact, he got to be the first one to feed her right when she was born and I cried watching them bond while they just stared at each other. So that's the scoop on that.

On Sunday we were watching a special on September 11th where they showed the film the two French brothers made about the rookie firefighter and happened to catch the whole day's events on their camera. I'd seen it before, but it was hard to watch again. It's pretty intense and it stirred a bunch of feelings inside me that I had during that day. I can't imagine how awful that day must have been for everyone there. Anyway, in the video when the north tower collapsed, the firefighters and the camera man were right beneath it. They took off running for their lives, all while the camera was still rolling. As the deafening roar and the dark cloud of dust and debris overtook them, one of the firemen jumped on the camera man to protect him, since the fireman was dressed in protective gear and the camera man wasn't. That one little act really got to me. I've been in brief moments in my life where I thought I might die. I know the fear that overtakes your body and the instinct of protecting yourself takes over your thinking. I've never been in something that terrifying before though, so I can't imagine how it felt. But, in all that chaos and fear, that firefighter had the thought to try and save someone else. In what I'm sure he thought was his final moment, he chose to do all he could to save the life of another. I'd like to think I'd have the same courage, but I'm not so sure. What a great example. I want to serve others more so that if that ever happens to me, my first thought won't be about helping myself, but about helping others. It really humbled me to see that.

That being said, the last days are truly upon us. There's signs everywhere in politics, the economy, behavior of the world, the elect being deceived, even the weather. But aside from all those things, I have felt the pressure of Satan trying to get to Cory and I in ANY way possible. He wouldn't be trying so hard if time wasn't running out to bring down anyone he can. And as we talked about in Sunday School, he wouldn't be trying so hard if we weren't something special that he wants to destroy. I've been absolutely AMAZED at the different ways he's tried to get at me. The other day we went to RCWilley. We've had a $100 gift card that we've yet to spend since that store is so expensive and we were hoping to find something. We didn't. But as the day progressed and we went to different stores for various items, I became more and more grouchy because all I thought about that day was all the things I want and how badly I want them and how I wish we had tons of money so we could just go buy them all. It took me a while to realize what was bringing me down. "Things" will never make me happy. Satan was really working on trying to get me to covet worldly things to depress me. I came home and sat there feeling stupid because we are already so blessed!!! It doesn't matter what I do or do not have. That's the first time I can remember caring that much since probably high school about having nice things. I don't think it's bad to want nice stuff, but to be so frustrated because you can't have it right now and to only focus on them and define who you are based on those things is wrong. I will never be a better person because I have a pool or a nice car. Things don't define people. People will like me for the person I am, not for the stuff I have or the clothes I wear. I was really surprised with myself and kind of in awe at the unpredictable ways the adversary is working to bring us down. Once I realized how blessed we already are and how I have no reason to complain I calmed right down. Now I know to be on alert from now on so that Satan can't make me unhappy that way again. I really do need to be on constant guard these days. I won't let him win. I won't let him deceive me. And I'll do everything in my power to keep him from getting to Kennedy as well. I'm grateful for the Lord and the promptings of the Spirit that help us choose righteously.

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Amy said...

You guys will be great teachers! I was talking with a friend last night how the Last Days are truly happening around us. How grateful I am that we have that knowledge. Keep staying strong!