Milestones and Cuteness

Yesterday was such a great day with Kennedy!!As mentioned before, she's been giving me grief about tummy time. I've been forcing her to do it anyway whenever I have the patience to let her cry. Yesterday, however, she didn't cry and she actually had time to practice lifting her head and for a brief moment, she actually lifted her chest completely off the ground with her arms! I was so excited I actually cried a little bit. I've been so worried that she'd never reach that milestone since she hated being on her tummy. I snapped a couple pictures:

She's also IN LOVE with this giraffe rattle:
Whenever we play with it, it's the closest she comes to laughing. Yesterday she also started reaching for it. Not every time, but occasionally, she'd look at it intently, then reach both her hands out and move them around until she touched it. I'd put it into her hands and she'd shake it briefly before she'd lose her grip. It was very exciting! It may be time to buy a floor gym or something she can start to play with. And we're really screwed once she learns how to play with things because then we'll be forced to buy all kinds of toys...

We pulled out Cory's baby book because we wanted to see what he looked like when he was Kennedy's age. Everyone says she looks like Cory, and she really does, but we had no idea just how much she does. Take a look for yourself.

I can now tell that she definitely has my eyes and ears, and quite possibly my mouth. It also makes me angry when people say she gets the red in her hair from me. I'M NOT A REDHEAD!! Has anyone looked at Cory lately?? His hair may not be red, but it's obviously from him. She has many features from him and I'm really happy about that. She's such a cute little bug!

I was making dinner and put her on the counter in her Bumbo thinking she'd last 10 minutes like normal then get sick of it. But she sat there a good 45 minutes playing with her rattle and rag and smiling at me whenever I'd talk to her while I cooked. She's got the best personality! And she looks so chubby in this picture!
 Last but not least, we were watching TV and I glanced down at her and found her sitting like this:

It made me laugh. And she stayed like that for about an hour.

I know much of this may seem insignificant and maybe even boring to those without kids. It's something you just don't get terribly excited about until you know what it's like. But oh well. Kennedy really is a special little girl. She's so easy going and mellow. She smiles so much and it doesn't take much to make her happy. She's so perfect. Words cannot express how much we love her!!

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