3 Months and Other Updates

I can't believe Kennedy is 3 months old today. Where has the time gone? She's such a perfect baby! She sleeps through the night, wants to sit up more and more and is getting better at holding herself up, is starting to giggle (sort of) and usually ends up snorting which is the CUTEST thing, and I'm pretty sure she knows her name now. We love her so much!!! There are no words to describe the happiness she bring to us. Prepare for a major picture overload. They were all so cute and I couldn't pick so I'm using them all.

She's always in such a great mood when she first wakes up. Here are some shots of her in her jammy-jams and her bed hair trying to sit up on her own:

She's making major progress during tummy time. Yesterday I laid her down and walked away for less then a minute. When I looked back at her, she'd somehow managed to scoot herself all the way to the end of the blanket. I was totally surprised so I slid her back and watched her new technique. Here it is:
She lays down for a minute
 Then starts to lift her head and move her legs
 Then in one swift motion, she pulls her legs underneath her and uses her face and hands for support and scoots
 Then she gets tired and looks around until she's ready to be done

It was exciting! She'll be crawling before we know it! Before I update about non-baby related things, here are some more cute pictures to commemorate her big 3 month day!
 She loves this ball and is really good at grabbing it and trying to eat it.

Alright... now for some updates.
We've decided not to do our deck this fall. We're almost out of time and we didn't want to have to rush and get it done before it snows. We already bought half the wood and supplies we need to do it so they'll be staying the winter in the basement. We were pretty excited so this decision makes us a little sad, but it'll fun to do it in the spring along with the rest of our yard. And we'll have all summer to enjoy it. So instead, we cleaned out the basement and put things in the actual storage room instead of just tossing it downstairs, rolled out the little bit of unused carpet the sellers left, and set up the ping pong table!!
Maybe someday I'll actually get good at this game.

Cory is still loving work. His job is amazing! He may have long hours and have to work some Sunday's, but we're so grateful he's able to provide for us and that I can stay home with Kennedy. He also got $200 work boots and socks for free yesterday as a job perk. He was so excited! He walked into the store and said he was from Kennecott and the store owner showed him an entire wall of boots he could choose that were free of charge. "Here sir, pick some free boots!" It was awesome. Moab time is fast approaching so he'll be spending time in the garage getting the Jeep ready, a bi-yearly tradition. Lucky most of his work is done and we still have 3 weeks left. We're excited to go.

I've just been kicking it here at home with the munchkin. I wish I had something cool to say about my life but so far, not much to report. Being at home all day gives me a lot of time to think and be in tune with the spirit. It's amazing what I've been learning about myself. I feel so blessed to be at this point in my life.

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