Thoughts about stuff:

  • I wish when things fell out of my mouth I could just flail my arms and legs and make cute grunting noises till someone came along and put them back in. I wouldn't even have to open my eyes either, apparently. 
  • If I still drank Mt. Dew, today would have been awesome. The guy at Taco Bell tried to give me a free giant one. He also kept calling me sweetie. I wonder if those sentences coincide? 
  • Thanks, jerks at Target for taking my cart away while I was trying on clothes in the dressing room. I had to carry Kennedy in her carrier all over the store after that. But don't worry, I got back at you. Good luck finding where I stashed the clothes I didn't want... muahaha!!
  • Why is it that those who engage in flamboyant PDA are always homosexuals?
  • I've absorbed my life into Netflix and I'm loving it!Nothing like enjoying someone else's drama.
  • Cory and I aren't the conventional couple. Last night he sat on the front porch playing with Kennedy while I mowed the lawn and washed the car. And that's the way we planned it. And the yard looks awesome.
  • Unless you're a fan of nauseating smells, I don't recommend jogging around the neighborhood on garbage days. 
  • Swimsuit shopping after pregnancy isn't the most enjoyable experience.
  • One comforting thought is people who are constantly fake are usually fake with themselves as well. How can you know who you are when you change constantly depending on who you're with?
  • Potatoes in any form make me very happy: mashed, french fried, deep friend, baked... whatev.

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