Cutting it off and Building it up

Ever since we found out we were having a baby, I heard 8 months of this question from Cory from time to time:

"You're not going to chop your hair off after she's born are you?"

I'd always protest, "Of course not! I like having long hair."

But sadly, I'm over it now. I'm hating my long hair. It's falling out at an alarming rate, it's a pain to do, it's always in Kennedy's face when I hold her, and now she's starting to grab it. OUCH! I still love having long hair. I love when I get the rare time to curl it and make it look pretty. But, it's time to go from my long, boring, stringy hair to something more like this:
I'm thinking of trying chunkier bangs, more layers, and of course cutting the overall length. I'm pretty excited. I haven't really told Cory yet. It's probably best not to. I've also toyed with the idea of going back to having it colored/highlighted like it was last summer - eventually. We'll see though. I didn't like how damaged it was when I did that but the color was awesome.

September should be a pretty busy month for us as well. We debated for a long time what we wanted to do with our backyard first when we moved in. We want to put in a much bigger deck and put in grass, trees, gardens, etc. We decided since it's probably best to put grass in during the spring, we'd opt for the deck for this year and do the yard next year. We've been saving for a little bit now and we're ready to start building!! The plan is after Labor Day to go buy the stuff we need, recruit help, and get this show on the road! I'm super pro-building about all this. It's Cory I'm worried about - or I guess I should say Cory and his Jeep. He has weekends off in September so I told him NOW is the time. We'll keep you posted on the progress. We're hoping it won't take too long if we get enough help from people. If you know of anyone who's willing to help, by all means, let me know :)

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K. Diane said...

That haircut would look absolutely great on you. Do it! :) Also, if it makes you feel any better, my hair is falling out too. Stupid hormones...