I love the show "The Big Bang Theory". Not only because it's hilarious, but it takes me back to my happy apartment days in Logan at Cambridge Court. Although the apartments were tiny and overpriced, it was by far the best place to live. The apartments all faced each other and there was a sense of family there. Everyone knew everyone else and there was an unspoken open-door policy with our closest friends, a lot like Penny and Sheldon and Leonard. We had video game nights, dinners together, slept at each others apartments when we were too lazy to walk down a set of stairs to our own apartments... It was the life. Allow me to show you what it was like:
The east entrance - I got a parking ticket here once.
 Our community, indoor pool that was the center of the complex. We had countless awesome times in here. When it was really cold, we'd open the doors on both ends and the building would fill with fog so thick you could barely see in front of you. It made for some fun wars.

 The above picture was actually the apartment I lived in my 3rd year there. It's the one on the left, closest to the camera. The below picture is how freaking tiny the kitchens were. And yet, on Sundays we'd invite lots of people over and cram everyone in this tiny space and eat together. Aw...
I'm absolutely crazy about the life I have right now, but it's fun to look back on the great times I had growing up and the wonderful friends I made during this time. It was in these apartments that the following transpired:
  • sliding down the stairs on mattresses
  • I slipped on ice on the top step outside and fell ALL the way down them, making the turn and everything in a lava lava and t-shirt and flip-flops on our way to the Howl. It was freezing and I'm pretty sure I messed up my neck.
  • Melted a plastic serving spoon in the dishwasher and our apartment reeked for weeks
  • Encouraged friends to try the "gallon challenge" and ended up watching one puke on an unsuspecting cat. (For those that don't know, the gallon challenge is the challenge to see if you can drink a gallon of milk in an hour and keep it down. Most can't and end up throwing up)
  • Accidentally stabbed a friend in the hand with a knife, very shallowly. 
  • Wasted HOURS trying to win Solitaire Vegas style.
  • Instigated a 30-person snowball fight
  • Gave someone a black eye in the snowball fight
  • passed out during said snowball fight
  • Filled an apartment full of snow during said snowball fight. They wouldn't come out of their apartment. They would gather snowballs from the snow on their back deck and open their front door and throw them out. Each time they opened their door I'd throw a snowball at them and it ALWAYS ended up going through the open door into their apartment. I had excellent aim that night for some reason.
  • First learned how to download pirated music/movies.
  • First met Adrianne
  • Started a huge water fight in 20 degree weather. 
  • Got sick from Bettos
  • Took someone to the emergency room for diving in the pool improperly
  • Ran around in 4 feet of snow in a swimsuit
  • Had my car break down about a million times
  • Developed some skills on Super Smash Brothers Melee. Those skills are lost now.
  • Hid alarm clocks in our friends bedroom, each going off in 15 min intervals. 
  • Somehow survived on nothing but mac and cheese for 3 months straight
  • First learned I wanted to be a teacher
  • Watched Lord of the Rings movies as loud as our surround sound would let us.
  • Watched the Yankee's win the world series against Boston. It was extra fun because the boys below us that year were from Boston. The gloating was shameful. 
  • Broke into random apartments pulling pranks.
  • First fell in love - to an extent
  • Learned to long-board, sort of.
  • Almost convinced friends to take a spontaneous trip to Moab at midnight one night.
  • Ordered countless pizza's, first tried a spicy chicken sandwich, had intense Whopper cravings, and realized Spaghettio's really are gross.
  • Played in the rain.
  • Made some of the best friends and memories a girl could ask for.
There was also a lot of drama and crap that went on but I choose to remember the good parts. Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive those days. I'm so glad I had that time to move out and be on my own and experience the college life. It was a blast!!


Wendy said...

Not to ruin your fun or anything, but I don't have any memories of your kitchen being that clean. Ever. Any year. Where did you get that picture?

Kristie said...

Megan, reading that post made me feel so much better. I was going though a stack of no-named CD's last night and the majority of them where from college. On one of them was a movie that we made one night for FHE. All I can say is, "man I did some dumb stuff in college". haha! However even though I did alot of dumb things, I wouldn't change it for the world! I love those college years and had the time of my life!

Chiles Times said...

Hahaha!!! The slipping down the stairs in a Hawaiian outfit! It was sad but I couldn't stop laughing!! And thank you for reminding me about the gallon challenge! I did throw up on that cat but I still drank more milk than that other guy! ;) love it!

Mike and Jessie Hylton said...

One of my favorite Cambridge memories was trying to "ring" people with a hula-hoop as they walked by the pool.

Amy said...

Don't forget hours of "The Newlyweds"!