7 Weeks

I can't believe it's already been 7 weeks since I had Kennedy! August is already half way over! It's crazy. It's been so fun though. She's getting so big! I had to pack up all her Carter's brand newborn clothes because she's too big for them now :(. Well, technically she still fits in them but it makes her cry when I try and cram her arms through the sleeves, so I figured we should be done. But she's not quite big enough for 3 months size either so we're just using the same few outfits she does fit in over and over till she grows a little more. Now that her eyes are adjusting and she can see a little more, she's been a lot more fun and a lot easier to entertain. She sits and stares quietly for so long now. It's made it possible for me to get stuff done.

She's also smiling so much! She'll kick her legs and smile some mornings when I go get her out of her crib. It melts my heart. She also smiles a lot when she's talked to. The other day I was playing peek-a-boo with her and she smiled so big I expected a giggle. I can't wait till she starts doing that, too! And Saturday she was a little fussy and my niece Bradlee went up to her and started singing to her and she just stared at Bradlee and smiled and cooed for a good while. It was adorable. She loves her cousin!

She's learning to use her voice. More often than not when I lay her down she'll be quiet for a minute but then she'll start making the CUTEST sounds! Sometimes during the night I'll lay her down and and turn on her mobile and from my room I can hear her talking to the rain forest animals on it and making cute noises. She also has an excellent set of lungs when she cries. It hurts my ears sometimes.

She's sleeping well at night as well. Lately she's been going for 5-6 hour stretches before she wakes up to eat. Then she's right back to sleep again for another few hours. Only problem is she's waking up earlier now, 6:30-7:00 instead of 8 or 9 and I haven't adjusted yet. But I will.

I decided to do a random photo montage of the pictures from my phone. They're not the best quality but it's all I've had when these moments have arrived.

 I was doing an exercise DVD that she was awake and watching me for throughout most of the exercise. I finished the DVD with all my effort and said, "I did it Kennedy!" and looked over at her and she was doing this:
 Even in her sleep she supports me :)
We bought her a Bumbo and this is how far she gets so far:
 And when I helped her sit up straight, this happened:
 Bradlee LOVES Kennedy. I'm a big fan of this picture.
We love our little sweet pea so much! I can't believe how much my heart grows for her every day. Being a mom really is the best!


Amy said...

LOVE the Bumbo pics!

Jennifer said...

Those Bumbos are awesome. Some friends of ours are letting us use their old one for Aysia. I remember Emily loved her little bear mobile when she was a baby. She would giggle at it and wiggle so much that occasionally one of the little bears would even fall down into the bassinet. So funny. :) They were like her best friends for a while.