2 Month Visit

Kennedy had her 2 month well-check today. She's now 10 lbs 9 oz and 23 inches long. She's in the 50th percentile for weight, 75th for height, and 25th for head circumference. She's developing at a normal rate and she still is a healthy little girl. We asked the doctor about her birth mark on her face since it's still growing. He said it'll keep getting bigger till she's about 6 months old then over the years it'll slowly fade. It sucks that it'll take that long but at least it'll disappear eventually. We hardly notice it anymore but we'll get comments every now and then about it.

She also had her immunizations today. That totally SUCKED!! I didn't cry but she sure was upset and was looking at me with a "why are you letting this happen?" Kind of face. It broke my heart. But as soon as the nurse was done I picked her up and she stopped crying. The nurse was impressed, she said most babies keep crying for a while. It still was so hard to watch though. It's just a little poke 3 times, but it still makes you feel awful as a mom that you have to let someone hurt your child. We survived though and she's currently cuddled up in my arms fast asleep. We love her so much!

I also wanted to document that she slept almost 10 hours last night! It was awesome! She's been such a great little sleeper. I hope going camping next weekend won't mess her up too bad. I'm really worried about that. We'll have to wait and see.
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