Cutting it off and Building it up

Ever since we found out we were having a baby, I heard 8 months of this question from Cory from time to time:

"You're not going to chop your hair off after she's born are you?"

I'd always protest, "Of course not! I like having long hair."

But sadly, I'm over it now. I'm hating my long hair. It's falling out at an alarming rate, it's a pain to do, it's always in Kennedy's face when I hold her, and now she's starting to grab it. OUCH! I still love having long hair. I love when I get the rare time to curl it and make it look pretty. But, it's time to go from my long, boring, stringy hair to something more like this:
I'm thinking of trying chunkier bangs, more layers, and of course cutting the overall length. I'm pretty excited. I haven't really told Cory yet. It's probably best not to. I've also toyed with the idea of going back to having it colored/highlighted like it was last summer - eventually. We'll see though. I didn't like how damaged it was when I did that but the color was awesome.

September should be a pretty busy month for us as well. We debated for a long time what we wanted to do with our backyard first when we moved in. We want to put in a much bigger deck and put in grass, trees, gardens, etc. We decided since it's probably best to put grass in during the spring, we'd opt for the deck for this year and do the yard next year. We've been saving for a little bit now and we're ready to start building!! The plan is after Labor Day to go buy the stuff we need, recruit help, and get this show on the road! I'm super pro-building about all this. It's Cory I'm worried about - or I guess I should say Cory and his Jeep. He has weekends off in September so I told him NOW is the time. We'll keep you posted on the progress. We're hoping it won't take too long if we get enough help from people. If you know of anyone who's willing to help, by all means, let me know :)


Things I'm Loving/Hating

Some things I'm hating lately:

 The heat! Enough already!

 fake, desperately-trying-to-look-trendy girls.
How much weight I still need to drop to get back to my pre-pregnancy self.

Some things I'm loving:
My Boppy pillow. Kennedy loves to cuddle up in it, thus saving me from having to hold her all the time.

Cabela's french fries. Seriously the best fries I think I've ever had!
Brings viewing pleasure, but I'm loving these shows specifically lately:

I'm not typically into MTV's superficial drama-soaked "reality" shows, but Spencer Pratt is just crazy enough to watch!
It's always been a favorite

My cute little girl.

That's about it for now.

2 Month Visit

Kennedy had her 2 month well-check today. She's now 10 lbs 9 oz and 23 inches long. She's in the 50th percentile for weight, 75th for height, and 25th for head circumference. She's developing at a normal rate and she still is a healthy little girl. We asked the doctor about her birth mark on her face since it's still growing. He said it'll keep getting bigger till she's about 6 months old then over the years it'll slowly fade. It sucks that it'll take that long but at least it'll disappear eventually. We hardly notice it anymore but we'll get comments every now and then about it.

She also had her immunizations today. That totally SUCKED!! I didn't cry but she sure was upset and was looking at me with a "why are you letting this happen?" Kind of face. It broke my heart. But as soon as the nurse was done I picked her up and she stopped crying. The nurse was impressed, she said most babies keep crying for a while. It still was so hard to watch though. It's just a little poke 3 times, but it still makes you feel awful as a mom that you have to let someone hurt your child. We survived though and she's currently cuddled up in my arms fast asleep. We love her so much!

I also wanted to document that she slept almost 10 hours last night! It was awesome! She's been such a great little sleeper. I hope going camping next weekend won't mess her up too bad. I'm really worried about that. We'll have to wait and see.
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Birthdays and Blessings

We had a busy week last week in the Hunter house.

First up, my amazing husband had his birthday! How can anyone resist a man this cute?
We left Kennedy at home and headed to Lagoon with some family and friends. We had tons of fun!! Maybe it's the fact that I haven't been able to play much this summer, but I felt like a kid in a candy store. After Lagoon Cory went camping with the guys and I stayed home and spent my first night completely alone with Kennedy. It was rather successful. Plus I got the whole bed to myself. I did a dumb thing and bought Black Ops for Cory. He'd really been wanting it so I surprised him. I made him swear he wouldn't play it all the time and ignore me though. So far so good. The following evening my parents took us out to Tucano's for Cory's b-day feast. It was awesome, like always. We had a fun time. I'm lucky to be married to such an amazing man. He really is the greatest thing ever. Happy Birthday!

Next up was birthday #2. My niece Bradlee turned 5 this weekend!! I can't believe she's that old; it's crazy!! She decided to have a pool party. When the party started a storm was rolling in so we hurried and ate and opened presents and then headed to the pool. All the little kids wasted no time getting in the water. But as soon as they did, the storm hit... and WOW!! First it started pouring. We figured it wasn't a big deal since everyone is getting wet anyway. But then it started to hail. HARD!! The hail was remarkably large for Utah as well. The poor kids in the pool were just getting pelted. Tory ran and rescued them and we all tried to take cover in the mechanical room for the pool. Tory and one little girl were covered in welts from the hail. From an outsiders point of view, it was kind of funny: 10 adults and 8 or 9 kids all crammed in this tiny room, breathing hard and shouting over the sound of the hail and thunder and the kids crying because they were either scared or in pain. "Happy birthday Bradlee... Sorry your party's so lame." But like all storms do, it passed and the fun continued. We swam and goofed off. It was the first time all summer I've been able to actually swim - not just bob up and down with a giant pregnant belly - and it was awesome! I LOVE to swim. Anyway, enough about me, I think Bradlee had a great time and she got lots of cool presents that she was jazzed about. She's such an adorable and special little girl. I'm really lucky to be her Aunt. She always makes me smile.

Last but not least, we blessed Kennedy on Sunday. Both Cory and I were really nervous. I know why Cory was nervous since he's the one giving the blessing, but I really had no reason to be other than being terrified she'd cry during it. But, she didn't. Cory gave a wonderful blessing. I'm so grateful to him for being a worthy priesthood holder and being able to do that. It always makes me cry thinking all worthy males are able to hold the power of God and use it whenever necessary. What an amazing thing!! Anyway, we had a potato bar at our house afterwords with all the family and friends that came. Thanks again everyone for all your help and for supporting us! We love you!



Thoughts about stuff:

  • I wish when things fell out of my mouth I could just flail my arms and legs and make cute grunting noises till someone came along and put them back in. I wouldn't even have to open my eyes either, apparently. 
  • If I still drank Mt. Dew, today would have been awesome. The guy at Taco Bell tried to give me a free giant one. He also kept calling me sweetie. I wonder if those sentences coincide? 
  • Thanks, jerks at Target for taking my cart away while I was trying on clothes in the dressing room. I had to carry Kennedy in her carrier all over the store after that. But don't worry, I got back at you. Good luck finding where I stashed the clothes I didn't want... muahaha!!
  • Why is it that those who engage in flamboyant PDA are always homosexuals?
  • I've absorbed my life into Netflix and I'm loving it!Nothing like enjoying someone else's drama.
  • Cory and I aren't the conventional couple. Last night he sat on the front porch playing with Kennedy while I mowed the lawn and washed the car. And that's the way we planned it. And the yard looks awesome.
  • Unless you're a fan of nauseating smells, I don't recommend jogging around the neighborhood on garbage days. 
  • Swimsuit shopping after pregnancy isn't the most enjoyable experience.
  • One comforting thought is people who are constantly fake are usually fake with themselves as well. How can you know who you are when you change constantly depending on who you're with?
  • Potatoes in any form make me very happy: mashed, french fried, deep friend, baked... whatev.


7 Weeks

I can't believe it's already been 7 weeks since I had Kennedy! August is already half way over! It's crazy. It's been so fun though. She's getting so big! I had to pack up all her Carter's brand newborn clothes because she's too big for them now :(. Well, technically she still fits in them but it makes her cry when I try and cram her arms through the sleeves, so I figured we should be done. But she's not quite big enough for 3 months size either so we're just using the same few outfits she does fit in over and over till she grows a little more. Now that her eyes are adjusting and she can see a little more, she's been a lot more fun and a lot easier to entertain. She sits and stares quietly for so long now. It's made it possible for me to get stuff done.

She's also smiling so much! She'll kick her legs and smile some mornings when I go get her out of her crib. It melts my heart. She also smiles a lot when she's talked to. The other day I was playing peek-a-boo with her and she smiled so big I expected a giggle. I can't wait till she starts doing that, too! And Saturday she was a little fussy and my niece Bradlee went up to her and started singing to her and she just stared at Bradlee and smiled and cooed for a good while. It was adorable. She loves her cousin!

She's learning to use her voice. More often than not when I lay her down she'll be quiet for a minute but then she'll start making the CUTEST sounds! Sometimes during the night I'll lay her down and and turn on her mobile and from my room I can hear her talking to the rain forest animals on it and making cute noises. She also has an excellent set of lungs when she cries. It hurts my ears sometimes.

She's sleeping well at night as well. Lately she's been going for 5-6 hour stretches before she wakes up to eat. Then she's right back to sleep again for another few hours. Only problem is she's waking up earlier now, 6:30-7:00 instead of 8 or 9 and I haven't adjusted yet. But I will.

I decided to do a random photo montage of the pictures from my phone. They're not the best quality but it's all I've had when these moments have arrived.

 I was doing an exercise DVD that she was awake and watching me for throughout most of the exercise. I finished the DVD with all my effort and said, "I did it Kennedy!" and looked over at her and she was doing this:
 Even in her sleep she supports me :)
We bought her a Bumbo and this is how far she gets so far:
 And when I helped her sit up straight, this happened:
 Bradlee LOVES Kennedy. I'm a big fan of this picture.
We love our little sweet pea so much! I can't believe how much my heart grows for her every day. Being a mom really is the best!



I love Sunday's. They become much less exciting when Cory has to work, however. I had a bad attitude about church today. I wanted to go because I love my ward and how else am I going to meet more people if I don't go? But today was my first time taking Kennedy alone since Cory is now back on a rotation with Sunday's and I hate going without him, so I was tempted to just stay home. But I really felt like I needed to go. So, I did. Sacrament was alright. We had 4 baby blessings so it was packed. Then towards the end, Kennedy started to get really fussy and by the time Sunday School was going to start, she was full on screaming and nothing I tried was working. I paced up and down the halls trying to find the mothers room so her screams wouldn't echo throughout every class going on. My plan was to get her to calm down enough that I could go grab her car seat I had dumped in the Sunday School class to save a spot, without interrupting, and just take her home to cry. But again, I felt like I needed to stay. I finally found the mothers room and got her to calm down and fall asleep just in time for relief society. Thanks heavens. What a lesson!! The Lord has been preparing me for a few things I have to do/fix in my life lately that either have been or/are going to be hard and uncomfortable for me and I've been putting off doing what needs to be done to make it easier. Today, He delivered the sucker-punch I've really been needing to get my act together. 

We have the cutest relief society presidency and today was their message. One of the adorable counselors felt like she needed to talk about fellowshipping. At first I got all excited because I've been trying to get to know people and go out of my comfort zone and I was hoping that I could share some thoughts and ideas and that the lesson would open the door to more opportunities to get to know even more people. And it did. But it really made me think about myself and how I handle interactions with people.

I'm always deemed as "shy" because I'm not that talkative if I don't know people that well. I don't consider myself shy because to me, shyness means being afraid of people. I'm not scared to talk to others, but instigating a conversation is not in my comfort zone at all. If you talk to me first, sure, we'll have a good chat. But it's difficult for me to just walk up to someone and strike up a conversation. I've been working on that - haven't been too successful yet - but I'm working on it. One thing that has always aggravated me is people who don't know me at all assume I'm snotty because I don't talk. I've always hated this assumption. But she opened the lesson today by talking about how quick we are to judge others. She was very bold and blunt which I LOVED and used examples from people in our class. She pointed to one woman and said it's obvious she's athletic and the teacher isn't so she could just assume they have nothing in common. She pointed to another woman and pointed out that this woman is gorgeous, so it's natural for people to instantly assume she's a snot. We all laughed but she couldn't have hit the nail more exactly on the head. It happens all the time. Then she said she's friends with both ladies and the assumptions people make aren't true and what allows them to be such close friends is the things they have in common and the fact that they got to know each other based on those similarities, not the differences. She then urged us to get to know each other and find out our common interests in order to help fellowship those around us and create a ward family.

I sat there absorbing her every word and was just dumbfounded at how amazing this lesson was and that there probably wasn't a single other person in that ward who could have delivered her message like she did. The class was riveted and the spirit was strong. I also sat there keenly aware of my flaws on the subject. I am a judgmental person. I'm going to put that out there right now. Everyone is to one extent or another. I assume things about perfect strangers based on their appearance. I laugh at grown adults wearing Lego Star Wars t-shirts. I assume all beautiful women are snobs. I allow myself to feel threatened when others share the same goals and accomplishment as myself. Everyone likes to feel special and unique and we tend to put down those who might share the same hobbies/talents. I am competitive. It's these judgments that make it hard for so many people to put themselves out there and talk to people. We're all so worried about what others think. We're so afraid to show our flaws. We're worried we won't be liked. Or we're worried someone might be better at something than we are, so we put on a front. We exaggerate our successes in order to impress people. It's natural and we all do it. It's what makes us human; we're imperfect. I'm an offender of this just like the next person. But by doing this we don't allow ourselves to really get to know people and make lasting friendships which in turns allows us to help and serve those who might need help or fellowshipping into the church.

But most disturbingly, I noticed I have a hard time truly forgiving those who have done me wrong on a personal level. I have difficulty leaving the past behind me. The other day I asked my mom a really stupid question. I asked, "What happens when we get to heaven and we see someone there who we think shouldn't have made it?" Within an instant I regretted that thought and felt even more ridiculous that I had voiced it. For one, it's not up to us to judge. That responsibility lies with the Lord and only the Lord. Second, the people I feel don't deserve to go to heaven currently are only those who have deeply hurt me one way or another. I realized if I feel that way, I haven't truly forgiven them like I keep telling myself I have. And furthermore, if I haven't forgiven them, the Lord can't forgive me of my mistakes. It really opened my eyes to feelings I've been having but haven't been able to identify. Now I know what they are. And I need to fix them as soon as possible. I need to learn how to forgive and let grudges go and scars heal. I also need to remember that each person here on earth is a son or daughter of God and He loves them regardless of what they do, think, wear, or say. It's our responsibility to love them too and look past their flaws. After all, don't we want them to look past ours? I need to understand that no one is perfect. I need to realize that I'm still a great person and my accomplishments aren't any less extraordinary because someone else may be doing the same thing. I'm still me. People will always be themselves. Nothing I say or think about them is going to change that. I need to change my attitude and how I look at the other spirits around me. By doing this I'll learn to love them. By loving them, I'll serve them and hopefully be able to fellowship more people and bring the light of the gospel into their lives. Or even just help those who already have it and may be going through some trials. The golden rule couldn't apply more. I need to practice treating others the way I want to be treated. If I hadn't have gone to church today, who knows how long it could have taken me to have this awakening. I'm so grateful I did and even more grateful for the Lord and His lessons and trials that help us become better. I'm  also grateful for this new challenge I'll be taking on. Time to change my perspective.   



I love the show "The Big Bang Theory". Not only because it's hilarious, but it takes me back to my happy apartment days in Logan at Cambridge Court. Although the apartments were tiny and overpriced, it was by far the best place to live. The apartments all faced each other and there was a sense of family there. Everyone knew everyone else and there was an unspoken open-door policy with our closest friends, a lot like Penny and Sheldon and Leonard. We had video game nights, dinners together, slept at each others apartments when we were too lazy to walk down a set of stairs to our own apartments... It was the life. Allow me to show you what it was like:
The east entrance - I got a parking ticket here once.
 Our community, indoor pool that was the center of the complex. We had countless awesome times in here. When it was really cold, we'd open the doors on both ends and the building would fill with fog so thick you could barely see in front of you. It made for some fun wars.

 The above picture was actually the apartment I lived in my 3rd year there. It's the one on the left, closest to the camera. The below picture is how freaking tiny the kitchens were. And yet, on Sundays we'd invite lots of people over and cram everyone in this tiny space and eat together. Aw...
I'm absolutely crazy about the life I have right now, but it's fun to look back on the great times I had growing up and the wonderful friends I made during this time. It was in these apartments that the following transpired:
  • sliding down the stairs on mattresses
  • I slipped on ice on the top step outside and fell ALL the way down them, making the turn and everything in a lava lava and t-shirt and flip-flops on our way to the Howl. It was freezing and I'm pretty sure I messed up my neck.
  • Melted a plastic serving spoon in the dishwasher and our apartment reeked for weeks
  • Encouraged friends to try the "gallon challenge" and ended up watching one puke on an unsuspecting cat. (For those that don't know, the gallon challenge is the challenge to see if you can drink a gallon of milk in an hour and keep it down. Most can't and end up throwing up)
  • Accidentally stabbed a friend in the hand with a knife, very shallowly. 
  • Wasted HOURS trying to win Solitaire Vegas style.
  • Instigated a 30-person snowball fight
  • Gave someone a black eye in the snowball fight
  • passed out during said snowball fight
  • Filled an apartment full of snow during said snowball fight. They wouldn't come out of their apartment. They would gather snowballs from the snow on their back deck and open their front door and throw them out. Each time they opened their door I'd throw a snowball at them and it ALWAYS ended up going through the open door into their apartment. I had excellent aim that night for some reason.
  • First learned how to download pirated music/movies.
  • First met Adrianne
  • Started a huge water fight in 20 degree weather. 
  • Got sick from Bettos
  • Took someone to the emergency room for diving in the pool improperly
  • Ran around in 4 feet of snow in a swimsuit
  • Had my car break down about a million times
  • Developed some skills on Super Smash Brothers Melee. Those skills are lost now.
  • Hid alarm clocks in our friends bedroom, each going off in 15 min intervals. 
  • Somehow survived on nothing but mac and cheese for 3 months straight
  • First learned I wanted to be a teacher
  • Watched Lord of the Rings movies as loud as our surround sound would let us.
  • Watched the Yankee's win the world series against Boston. It was extra fun because the boys below us that year were from Boston. The gloating was shameful. 
  • Broke into random apartments pulling pranks.
  • First fell in love - to an extent
  • Learned to long-board, sort of.
  • Almost convinced friends to take a spontaneous trip to Moab at midnight one night.
  • Ordered countless pizza's, first tried a spicy chicken sandwich, had intense Whopper cravings, and realized Spaghettio's really are gross.
  • Played in the rain.
  • Made some of the best friends and memories a girl could ask for.
There was also a lot of drama and crap that went on but I choose to remember the good parts. Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive those days. I'm so glad I had that time to move out and be on my own and experience the college life. It was a blast!!