Picture Overload!!

I didn't want to do 2 posts, so I'm cramming the two things into one. First off, Kennedy had her newborn photo's taken on Friday of last week. They turned out really cute. Thanks again to my friend Kristie for volunteering to do them! Here are my favorites...

Next up, today the women of my family and my dad went to the zoo. It was a lot of fun! Brock was really excited to see the dinosaurs. However, as soon as they started moving and making noises it freaked him and Bradlee out pretty bad. They weren't the only ones, every dinosaur had at least one kid around it in tears because they were too scared to go near it. I guess they're only cool for the older kids. We saw all the animals and had quite an adventure at the bird show. They just finished showing the golden eagle and were about to have two large parrots fly over the audience from the back. They released the parrots and out of nowhere, the golden eagle got loose and in mid-air, attacked one of the parrots. Both birds went down (luckily not over the audience) and the trainer dove on top of them and screamed. I couldn't see her but I know she was on the ground struggling with the birds. The trainer behind us that had released the parrot let out a loud cuss word and went running down to help. They got the birds apart (the first trainer looked a little shaken up) and they rushed the parrot and eagle backstage. We never saw the parrot again and they acted like everything was ok so I'm hoping it really was. It was a little unexpected but added some excitement to the day. The day got a little hot and tiresome towards the end. Kennedy was really hot and it started to freak me out, but we got her cooled down in Wendy's. We had a great time. I love spending time with my family.  Sorry to my family, we all look like crap in these pictures but they're all I have :(
Looking at the monkeys

 I asked Brock for a smile and this is what I got...

 That is a rat the size of a shoe box. So gross!
 Bradlee gave me a much cuter smile
 Baby elephant

 During the bird show
 Monkey on a pole
 Everyone eating lunch


Tory said...

Kennedy's pictures are awesome! As for the zoo pictures, I am totally going anorexic now. Seriously.

Amy said...

Her pictures are too cute for words! She seriously has the cutest clothes.