2 Weeks!!

Our little Kennedy is 2 weeks old today! She had her checkup today and she's a healthy little monkey. She's gained 7 oz and has grown a half an inch. They also had to poke her foot to do some blood tests. She did NOT like that. I didn't either but I didn't cry like everyone said I would. And she stopped crying right after she was done like a good girl. We've had so much fun with her. I won't lie, the past two weeks have been harder than I ever imagined. It's a huge adjustment and battling those stupid hormones doesn't help. But we're learning and understanding more and more. Also the intense paranoia has worn off somewhat so that helps too. She's still a great little baby and we love her so much. I'm also doing well. I'm healing quickly from delivery which has been awesome. But my nasty cough is still around. I finally saw the doctor and he said it's allergy related. So now I'm an inhaler and allergy medicine and it'll take a few weeks to go away. On top of hacking up my lungs constantly, I now have a cold :( But, I'm battling through it all and hopefully one day I'll be all put back together again. Cory is loving being a daddy. He misses Kennedy so much while he's at work and when he gets home he just lavishes all his time with her. It's the cutest thing ever. I couldn't ask for a better husband, and Kennedy got one heck of a dad!! Here are some pictures as of late:
Our little family
 She is the cutest thing when she sleeps. Well, and when she's not sleeping, too.

 I got some cute pictures of us with the same expressions. This one is the least-hideous of myself.
 Hey guys!
 Her poor little bandage from the doctors visit today.
 Our little bundle of joy!
 She wasn't too thrilled with being picked up.
 Now she's content again.
 Daddy and daughter bonding. She loves Cory and goes nuts when she hears his voice :)


Amy said...

I'm going to have to come visit soon!

Mindy said...

So cute!! I love her! By the way... You look great! You don't even look like you had a baby!!! Your fam is adorable! Congrats again! :)