Loving It!

When we first walked through our home to check out whether or not it was an option for us, I felt strongly that we needed to offer on it. We may never know every reason why that house is the place for us, but one is becoming evident already; the ward. It's always scary moving into a new ward when you don't know anyone. Especially when your husband has to work a lot of Sunday's and you go alone. But I've felt so welcomed. Every week someone new introduces themselves to me (thank heavens because I have a hard time approaching people sometimes) and asks about our life with such love and concern. We're getting to know our neighbors better and loving them more and more. I'm actually remembering names even! The place is perfect for us. It's going to be a great neighborhood to raise our children. Several neighbors are expecting so we'll have kids Kennedy's age around to play with. Actually, every week they announce in sacrament that someone has had a baby so there's PLENTY of people around with kids :). We feel so happy there and we know it's the right place. It'll be even more fun when we get a yard in and I can go out on walks and visit with neighbors. We love it so much! When my parents first bought the house they live in, my dad felt strongly that it was the right place for them. Looking back, SO MUCH would never have happened if they hadn't have moved there. We went to a music-loving school where we could use our talents, we met friends and co-workers who influenced our lives, I even met Cory! It made me wonder what life changes will happen with our future children based on this one decision. It's quite humbling. The Lord really does have a plan for us and I'm so glad for that.

Our house/neighborhood is also where I'll embark on the new chapter of my life of being a stay-at-home-mom. Since the day I turned 16 I've always worked and had my own income. That's going to be weird to not have anymore. But I'm grateful my parents taught me the value of hard work and supporting myself. I learned so much! I'm also so grateful for Cory's parents teaching him the same thing so that he's willing to work to support us. He loves his job so that makes it a lot easier to send him off to work while I sit around all day. Soon I won't be so bored I guess, but for now I feel a little guilty. One day he'll come home from work and I'll run from the house frustrated because my day was hard :). It's going to be an adjustment but I am excited to start this new adventure.

And finally I'll give a small baby update. I'm feeling fine - much better now that I can take it easy every day. As of this past Friday I'm dilated to a 1. Not a big deal but at least things are starting to get prepared. My doctor said he expects her the end of June or right around her due date. I'm praying so hard that he's right. After touring the maternity ward, we're just plain excited now. We'll have everything we need by this weekend and the nursery will be 100% ready by next week or so. It's usable and ready now, I just mean all the decorations will be done. Well, we still need a garbage can. Anyway we can't wait to meet her and get her here! It's been torturous just waiting around for this huge event to happen!

Oh and soon, we'll have internet. How are we supposed to keep people updated without a way to communicate with the outside world?

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