Kennedy Marie Hunter

Our beautiful baby girl was born on Monday, June 27th, 2011. She was born at 3:39 p.m. surprising everyone by weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and measuring at 20.5 inches long. We didn't think she'd be very big since I wasn't very big. She must have really been squishing my organs :) She's completely perfect. She has a lot of long hair, her daddy's round face and so far his nose (yes!). The mouth is still up for interpretation and we'll have to wait a while to see what her hair and eyes do as far as color. If she gets those from me we will have made our ideal combination of features haha. No matter how she turns out, she's gorgeous and we're so excited. She's been a sweet baby so far and we love her so stinking much. I'll put pictures first then tell the whole blooming birth story (to an extent) for those that want to read it after the pictures.
Right before getting ready to push. 
 Excited Daddy, but I can see the fear in his eyes
 Getting cleaned up
 Right after birth. She looks totally different now
 Our new family.

 Alexis and Hailey finally have a cousin!
 Uncle Collin
 Bradlee and Brock were so excited to see their new cousin! They were adorable!
 Tyler is an uncle!
 Checking out her ears
 She's seriously already a daddy's girl
 The Hunters
 Grandpa McLachlan
 The McLachlan kids
 Her stink face. So cute!

A special thanks to Lisa who was there and took all the pictures and "conveniently" didn't make it any of them (shame, shame, Lisa!!). She was also visited by her Aunt Natalie the next day but we forgot to take a picture! I'm so bummed about that! I know Grandma Hunter was dying to be there but she's been battling the flu for almost a week now. Kennedy can't wait to meet you!! The same goes for Dustin, Jason, and Hillary.

Alright, so "the story"...
As I mentioned earlier, I was not planning on being induced early. But, with my blood pressure problem and the fluid in my lungs, it was time. I can honestly say I have never been so terrified for anything in my life. I cried a lot on Sunday. We arrived at the hospital at 10:00 p.m. both just out of our minds with fear/excitement and we were both trying to hide it. We checked in and were escorted to my "suite" where I'd deliver. They had me change right away. However, while I was in the restroom changing, I heard the nurse tell Cory that I probably wouldn't deliver until Monday night because they technically wouldn't be "starting" me until the morning. I was trying so hard not to be pissed simply because I have made myself sick all day, now I had to wait all night, too. But it wasn't that bad. They gave me some medicine that I won't describe that was supposed to soften my cervix throughout the night then we were told to "get some rest." HA! Cory only had a little chair that slightly reclined to sleep in and I was worried sick. Around 2 a.m. Cory decided he was going to go home and sleep. I was sad, but he was keeping me awake with his tossing and turning and he really wasn't serving a purpose anyway. So he went home and the nurse brought me a sleeping pill. I was conked out and Cory was able to get some rest at home. Anyway, during my drugged up slumber I guess I started contracting but didn't know it. At about 5:30 a.m. they checked me but I was still only dilated at a 2. They started me on Pitocin a little after 6. That's the medicine that's supposed to start contractions and labor. Cory came back at about 7, and his timing was perfect because I started having mild contractions. The doctor came in at about 8:00 and broke my water. That wasn't very pleasant but it started the show on the road.

Around 9:30 the contractions started getting pretty bad. Our AWESOME nurse came and gave me some drugs to take the edge off. They worked for a while but then they started getting really bad again. I had to just close my eyes and concentrate on breathing and relaxing and nothing else. Finally, at 11:15 they came in with the epidural. I've heard a lot of people say this was the worst part. I didn't feel a thing! They numb you with something that is supposed to sting like a bee sting for about 30 seconds before they inject the needle but I didn't feel it at all. I was so glad to finally have some relief!! We waited around and at about 1-something (I forgot to write down times after the epidural...) I was only dilated at a 5 so Cory went home to shower real quick thinking I had lots of time. I fell asleep while he was gone. A little over an hour later, the nurse came to check me and I was at a 9 and she was all the way down in the birth canal. We were both very surprised! Cory showed up right at this time. The nurse went to go tell the doctor I would be ready soon and by the time she got back I was at a 10 and ready to push. However, there were some slight problems. Kennedy's heart rate would dip really low then jump back up again. They say that's normal to an extent but they wanted to try and fix it so they put me on oxygen and had me move around. Also, my epidural was working too well. I had no idea I was even having contractions so I couldn't tell when to push. The nurse turned it off in order to give me some feeling. I started pushing around 3:15, maybe 3:20. The nurse said she could see the head and asked Cory if he wanted to see. Cory doesn't do blood so he was so worried about passing out during this whole thing. But he was right by my side rubbing my back and being the best husband ever the whole time! After a couple of good pushes, they paged the doctor and he came in. In 3 pushes she was out! I've been told that first time babies take a lot longer so I was so excited she was fast. However, she had the cord wrapped around her neck so he had to rush her out and cut it. She wasn't blue or anything but Cory didn't get to cut the cord because of it, not that he really wanted to anyway :). The nurses all cooed about her hair and that it was a girl. Then my doctor looked at Cory and said, "That's what she was supposed to be, right?" haha it was funny. We both cried. It was just so amazing. It hurt, but it was incredible. Just like that, she was there. She cried a tiny bit when she first came out and made some whimper sounds while being cleaned up and measured but other than that she was totally content and peaceful. They cleaned her up and let Cory give her first bottle to her while they stitched and cleaned me up. Then I finally got to hold her. There were no words for that moment. It was amazing.

Later they moved me into the postpartum room and Cory got to go video tape her first bath. They brought back our baby girl all clean with her hair curled and a pink bow in her hair. She looked absolutely perfect. I wanted her to have hair SO BAD so I was so excited at all the dark hair she has. Anyway, the rest is history and chock full of info no one wants to read about so I'll skip a lot of stuff. We had family come from about 7-9 p.m. and then we reluctantly sent her away to the nursery to get some sleep for the night. I had dreams about her all night, but both Cory and I slept so deep. Even with nurses checking on me and bugging me every 3 hours. I finally requested a Lortab for the pain around 4 a.m. and after that I don't remember a thing. We spent the whole day Tuesday in the hospital. We could have sent her to the nursery again Tuesday night but at this point I didn't want to leave her and we figured we needed to get used to being woken up all the time sooner or later. We didn't sleep very well at all but that's all part of the new life we now have. We started getting ready to leave around 8:00 a.m. and finally made it out around 11. I was so very ready to leave and be home. She's been out like a light all day pretty much. I think that means we're in for another sleepless night but at least we're home and she'll be the only thing waking us up instead of nurses and noises. And we get our own bed!! I'm feeling pretty ok. I think I'd feel better if it wasn't for this stupid cough. My lungs are trying to work out all the fluid but it hurts really bad to cough so I can't get good, deep coughs in. But we're doing well and are looking forward to this time.

There are no words to describe how we feel. We love her so much. It's going to be a scary and fun and it's so new having this little person who depends entirely on us to take care of her. She's such a sweetheart. She's a major snuggler and  hates being unwrapped. She doesn't get very upset when she's hungry and she's been eating so well! The doctor says she looks healthy and perfect so far. We just keep staring at her in awe and wonder. I've cried several times just looking at her because she's our little miracle. I get so scared that something will happen to her. Everyone says "you can't imagine your life with them." Cliche, but true. We have a little girl and we love her more than words can describe. I'm amazed the Lord trusts us enough with this sweet spirit. She's ours forever!! We love you, Kennedy!


She's a Comin'!

I had my 39 week appointment today. I had zero expectations that were good. Last week I hadn't progressed any and being the emotional wreck I am I cried for 20 minutes because he said if she didn't come by the 2nd or 3rd we'd "talk" about starting me. I was so worried she'd be late. I admit now, I over reacted. Anyway, I was expecting similar news today. I went in and they took my weight. That's the least fun part but my doctor said I've done awesome this last month because I've only gained a half a pound! Then they took my blood pressure. Nothing new - except it was pretty high. My blood pressure has been phenomenal this whole pregnancy so the nurse said "Hm, that's high. How come?" I said I didn't know because truthfully, I didn't :). She asked if I've been having any cramps or contractions. I told her I had been having pains this week. So she gave me my wrap to put on and told me to lay down. Right away my doctor came in and asked how I was doing. I told him I was ready to be done. I also told him I've had a bad cough for the past few days but I'm not sick and asked if that was normal. Anyway, long story short he said my body is ready to be done. I have mild preeclampsia, thus explaining the high blood pressure. He measured my stomach and said "I'm thinking we need to get this baby out of you next week". I said "That's great!" But I was thinking he meant her due date. Then he said, "I'm talking like, Monday." Now for someone who was expecting to hear that I needed to wait another week, 3 days was shocking. I'm sure my face went pale and I chocked out, "Really?" He then checked me and I'm dilated to a 2 now. Then they had me lay down for a few minutes. They came back in and checked my blood pressure and it had dropped 30 some odd points just from laying down. So he then told me I had preeclampsia and that I could deliver either Monday or Wednesday, it was up to me. I had NO idea what to say. Finally he recommended I go in Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. and they'd induce me and I'd deliver Monday. All I could do was look at him and say "okay" like an idiot. I must have looked funny cause he kept chuckling to himself. I left in a complete daze and was in shock for a while. The last thing I expected was to deliver her in 3 days. I called Cory and told him. It's actually quite terrifying knowing when the whole event is going to happen. We're so excited and I can't wait to see her and not be pregnant anymore!!! But I'm also very scared. Cory is just beside himself. He's so ready to be a daddy. So that's the latest. She'll be a June baby and she's coming 5 days early. We'll post pictures as soon as possible.
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I Wonder...

I wonder if hanging an eviction notice on my stomach would help:

Probably not, but I'll try anything at this point.


Loving It!

When we first walked through our home to check out whether or not it was an option for us, I felt strongly that we needed to offer on it. We may never know every reason why that house is the place for us, but one is becoming evident already; the ward. It's always scary moving into a new ward when you don't know anyone. Especially when your husband has to work a lot of Sunday's and you go alone. But I've felt so welcomed. Every week someone new introduces themselves to me (thank heavens because I have a hard time approaching people sometimes) and asks about our life with such love and concern. We're getting to know our neighbors better and loving them more and more. I'm actually remembering names even! The place is perfect for us. It's going to be a great neighborhood to raise our children. Several neighbors are expecting so we'll have kids Kennedy's age around to play with. Actually, every week they announce in sacrament that someone has had a baby so there's PLENTY of people around with kids :). We feel so happy there and we know it's the right place. It'll be even more fun when we get a yard in and I can go out on walks and visit with neighbors. We love it so much! When my parents first bought the house they live in, my dad felt strongly that it was the right place for them. Looking back, SO MUCH would never have happened if they hadn't have moved there. We went to a music-loving school where we could use our talents, we met friends and co-workers who influenced our lives, I even met Cory! It made me wonder what life changes will happen with our future children based on this one decision. It's quite humbling. The Lord really does have a plan for us and I'm so glad for that.

Our house/neighborhood is also where I'll embark on the new chapter of my life of being a stay-at-home-mom. Since the day I turned 16 I've always worked and had my own income. That's going to be weird to not have anymore. But I'm grateful my parents taught me the value of hard work and supporting myself. I learned so much! I'm also so grateful for Cory's parents teaching him the same thing so that he's willing to work to support us. He loves his job so that makes it a lot easier to send him off to work while I sit around all day. Soon I won't be so bored I guess, but for now I feel a little guilty. One day he'll come home from work and I'll run from the house frustrated because my day was hard :). It's going to be an adjustment but I am excited to start this new adventure.

And finally I'll give a small baby update. I'm feeling fine - much better now that I can take it easy every day. As of this past Friday I'm dilated to a 1. Not a big deal but at least things are starting to get prepared. My doctor said he expects her the end of June or right around her due date. I'm praying so hard that he's right. After touring the maternity ward, we're just plain excited now. We'll have everything we need by this weekend and the nursery will be 100% ready by next week or so. It's usable and ready now, I just mean all the decorations will be done. Well, we still need a garbage can. Anyway we can't wait to meet her and get her here! It's been torturous just waiting around for this huge event to happen!

Oh and soon, we'll have internet. How are we supposed to keep people updated without a way to communicate with the outside world?