Lucky One

I have had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Cory this past week or so. I've always known he loves me and I've always been confused as to why. But I never understood how unconditional that love is until our trip to Moab this past week/weekend (blog to come in the future. I was so nervous about the trip because everyone kept swearing the rough Jeep trails would put me into labor or hurt me. Yeah, it could happen. It's not likely, but I was scared. But I also knew this would be our last chance to go for a while and Cory's last chance to go child-worry free and it was important to him. Not to mention we freaking love it down there! Anyway, the entire time the man was a saint. He was always there to help me in the Jeep, looking for places to park so I could get in and out easier, asking if I needed help, getting on one knee so I could use his other one as a step, taking the trails super slow, to the point it was bugging everyone, just to make sure I was alright. Any bump he'd check up on me, tied my shoes for me when I half-jokingly asked if he would, told me to wake him up so he could walk me to the bathroom in the middle of the night when I had to pee, never argued or disagreed when I asked of we could leave the camp fire to go to bed earlier than I know he likes to when camping, kissed me and rubbed my belly in front of everyone (we're not big PDA people), and was ALWAYS checking to make sure I was comfortable. I teared up more than once as how amazing and wonderful he is. I feel so unworthy of him. Then I started to realize how protective and loving he's going to be with our daughter. I now understand why little girls have a special place in their daddy's hearts and she's not even here yet! I'm also eternally grateful that I'll have this caring, devoted man by my side when I go through one of the most uncertain and anxious moments of my life so far in the delivery room. It will also be hard for him. If he was worried about being bounced around in a Jeep, watching me go through delivery is going to kill him. But I can't think of any other experience I'd rather share and I cry just thinking he gets to be there with me. I wouldn't want anyone else holding my hand. What an amazing eternal companion. I love that man so much! He's my guardian angel.
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