Brock Turns 3!!

My nephew Brock turns 3 tomorrow. We had a small family party for him today. He was a very excited birthday boy! We had a bbq then it was time for presents. He seemed pretty excited about everything. After he was done he was told to tell us all "thank you". He said "Thank you. This is the best birthday ever!" He loved being sung to as well when we had cake. He's the cutest little guy on the planet. We love that boy so much!
He got a Buzz Lightyear backpack that he was pretty jazzed about. He didn't take it off all night.
 Showing it off.

 Trying to blow out the candles.
 Cory and I got him a tee-ball set that can either be a tee or it shoots up the ball so you can hit it. Brock couldn't have played with it if he wanted to.

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Tory said...

You guys got some really good pictures. I might have to steal some of them! I love how much you guys love our kids. It is very special!