Collin's Wedding

Yesterday Collin and Natalie were married in the Bountiful Temple. It was such a great day! The sealer was awesome and gave them some excellent advice. They came out just grinning and glowing. It lightly sprinkled when we came out for pictures but it didn't rain after that which was good. They had a delicious luncheon where we all told stories about Collin and Natalie's siblings told stories about her. Her family was so funny!! They had a million people at their reception and the church was decorated so beautifully! It was like a fairy tale. Bradlee and Brock followed Natalie around all night. Bradlee kept holding her train and Brock kept calling her "his princess". She looked so gorgeous!!! We're so happy for them and so proud they made the choice to get married in the Lord's House. Here are some pictures. They're not in order, sorry. I'll be able to show Kennedy their pictures and say "See that belly on Mommy? That was you!"

 Brock kept shaking hands with everyone. It was adorable.

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Jennifer said...

So happy for them!! :)