Interesting Piggy's

Last night Cory was rubbing my feet and started playing "This Little Piggy" with my toes. Here was his take on where the piggy's went, in a high-pitched girlie voice:
This little piggy went to the market
This little piggy went somewhere else
This little piggy went to school
This little piggy tried to go to college
And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home!

It made me laugh so hard. I didn't realize my piggy's were so educated, except for that one with the mysterious agenda. And in his version, no piggy's are denied roast beef, which is good.
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It’s official, we’ve reached the freak out point; maybe me more than Cory. Well, I’m not sure about that but I’m definitely more vocal about it so I just assume so. We’re in the 30’s as far as days left. That thought makes me so excited but scares me to death. I’ve complained a lot. No really, A LOT! Being pregnant has had lots of surprises and lots of things I expected but didn’t know would be so bad. I’m so ready for that to be done. I’m ready to not be swollen everywhere and not be in pain all day long. I’m ready to be able to eat more than an ounce of food an hour and be able to breathe again. The list goes on and on. But the truth is, I’m getting really scared for what’s coming. Yeah, labor will suck and both Cory and I are afraid of that. I’m not a fan of pain and Cory has said several times that it’s going to kill him to see my go through that. But that awfulness aside, the reality of what’s coming is really hitting home.

We knew before we even started trying that having kids would change things forever. But we never really had to face that reality until now. We’re nervous about how we’ll adjust to being parents and how much harder everything will be. We’re worried about Cory being able to get enough rest for work with him being such a light sleeper. We hope and pray she’s beautiful, normal, and healthy. All these worries are normal so I don’t feel bad having them. Anyone who says they don’t worry about being a first time parent is flat out lying. But we’re also really, really excited. It’s crazy how much we can already love a person we haven’t really met yet; a person who’s only real interaction with us has been kicks and jabs protruding out of my stomach. Well, and hiccups. It’s so weird to think that after all the horrible things that have happened to my body and how awful I feel some days, that I still love the little bean that’s causing all the crap. We’re so excited to be with her finally and see what she looks like. We’re so excited to watch her learn and grow and get older and start walking and talking. We’re excited to be an eternal family. It’s hard to be excited for everything because we’ve never done this before and really have no idea how rewarding it’s really going to be. That part will be fun.
I don’t feel ready for this but I don’t think anyone ever really feels ready. I think we’re ready enough and the Lord will help us through the rest. I know He will. After all, this being parent’s thing was really His idea, not ours, we just did what we were told. Haha. I’m kidding, of course we wanted children. We were just told to embark on this journey a little earlier than we planned. But there really isn’t a better time for this to happen. I’m so glad the Lord knows what He’s doing. I’m so glad He’s blessed us enough that I can stay at home with her and we have everything we need to provide for her. It’s very humbling.

Except for posting pictures of the nursery whenever we get around to getting it done, I probably won’t blog about this anymore till she comes. First off, I don’t want to ONLY talk about baby things. Second, there’s nothing else to really to say. The clock is ticking and we’re waiting out the ride. We’re scared, excited, apprehensive, and humbled. It’s going to be an adventure. Bring it on.  


Brock Turns 3!!

My nephew Brock turns 3 tomorrow. We had a small family party for him today. He was a very excited birthday boy! We had a bbq then it was time for presents. He seemed pretty excited about everything. After he was done he was told to tell us all "thank you". He said "Thank you. This is the best birthday ever!" He loved being sung to as well when we had cake. He's the cutest little guy on the planet. We love that boy so much!
He got a Buzz Lightyear backpack that he was pretty jazzed about. He didn't take it off all night.
 Showing it off.

 Trying to blow out the candles.
 Cory and I got him a tee-ball set that can either be a tee or it shoots up the ball so you can hit it. Brock couldn't have played with it if he wanted to.

Collin's Wedding

Yesterday Collin and Natalie were married in the Bountiful Temple. It was such a great day! The sealer was awesome and gave them some excellent advice. They came out just grinning and glowing. It lightly sprinkled when we came out for pictures but it didn't rain after that which was good. They had a delicious luncheon where we all told stories about Collin and Natalie's siblings told stories about her. Her family was so funny!! They had a million people at their reception and the church was decorated so beautifully! It was like a fairy tale. Bradlee and Brock followed Natalie around all night. Bradlee kept holding her train and Brock kept calling her "his princess". She looked so gorgeous!!! We're so happy for them and so proud they made the choice to get married in the Lord's House. Here are some pictures. They're not in order, sorry. I'll be able to show Kennedy their pictures and say "See that belly on Mommy? That was you!"

 Brock kept shaking hands with everyone. It was adorable.


Much to Update On

So here's an obvious statement: It's really hard to keep up on a blog without the internet.

I'll try to update on what's happened in our lives so far. With so much coming up, I'm hoping I can be a better blogger and keep the updates coming.

We're still loving our house. We've decided to wait on luxuries like internet and whatnot for a while and see if we really need it. I'm thinking internet will be a necessity but cable and stuff really doesn't matter to us. We'd rather spend our time doing something else. I finally have had some time to get some decorations up. It's a slow-moving process but this is what I have so far:

We've also made some progress on the baby's room. My mom finished the bedding and it is SO cute!! Thanks a million, Mom! You've really gone above and beyond so far for little Kennedy and we're so grateful!

We also found a dirt cheap dresser and I've spent some time making decoration for the room. One thing I've always known I wanted was a shelf with all the baby-related Willow Tree figurines on them. I've started collecting them, here are the few I have. I still want a couple more:

I'm plucking along and have about 7 more weeks to go until the grand moment when we finally get to meet her and I'm FINALLY not pregnant anymore. I can feel her move all the time now and it's starting to hurt from time to time. Instead of little kicks and jabs I can feel actually body parts glide across my belly and ram into some kind of organ or another. It's even weirder to watch, it always makes me laugh. I'm also starting to have those freak out moments where I realize what we're about to embark on and I panic. Don't get me wrong, we're excited. But anyone who tells you it's not scary is lying. It's terrifying and brilliant all at the same time. Cory is still just the most perfect man alive and helps me without asking and without a single complaint. He's also so excited to be a daddy. What a rock he has been!

Speaking of rock, I need to talk about our Moab trip. As I mentioned in another blog, I was nervous to go. But as soon as we got down there I was so happy to just be away, no matter what happened! We went with our friends and some of our cousins. We had 4 Jeeps on our convoy which was a lot of fun. The trails were slightly painful but not too bad. After about 6 hours I'd start to get pretty sore and want to be done. The weather was awesome! We had one day that was pretty cool (about 45) but it felt awesome to me. We tried new trails this time. We started on Metal Masher but had to cut out half way through because of a broken down Jeep. The next day we did Kane Creek Canyon. This trail was so much fun!! It winds through a cliff canyon and you cross Kane Creek a million times which means one thing: MUD!!! We made it out of that one with grins on our faces. The next day we did Steel Bender. We tried this one last year but turned around at a pretty scary obstacle that we tried this year. We successfully made it through the whole trail without major incident and without me losing my husband :) I got very few pictures this year. I didn't want to have to have Cory help me in and out of the Jeep all the time. We got 90% of the trip on video though so it wasn't a waste. We had a great time and enjoyed Moab with great friends and family.
Some guy thought it would be fun to drive his van off the cliff. Amazingly he was fine. He's one lucky duck. 
 My handsome dude.
 Dustin's giant jeep.
 Kevin, Cory's friend from work.
 The Toonester.
 The crew

Also Collin took Natalie to the temple this past weekend. It was awesome to have everyone in the temple together and they looked so happy!! I can't wait for them to get married Friday. More to come on that as it happens.

Life is good! :)


Lucky One

I have had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Cory this past week or so. I've always known he loves me and I've always been confused as to why. But I never understood how unconditional that love is until our trip to Moab this past week/weekend (blog to come in the future. I was so nervous about the trip because everyone kept swearing the rough Jeep trails would put me into labor or hurt me. Yeah, it could happen. It's not likely, but I was scared. But I also knew this would be our last chance to go for a while and Cory's last chance to go child-worry free and it was important to him. Not to mention we freaking love it down there! Anyway, the entire time the man was a saint. He was always there to help me in the Jeep, looking for places to park so I could get in and out easier, asking if I needed help, getting on one knee so I could use his other one as a step, taking the trails super slow, to the point it was bugging everyone, just to make sure I was alright. Any bump he'd check up on me, tied my shoes for me when I half-jokingly asked if he would, told me to wake him up so he could walk me to the bathroom in the middle of the night when I had to pee, never argued or disagreed when I asked of we could leave the camp fire to go to bed earlier than I know he likes to when camping, kissed me and rubbed my belly in front of everyone (we're not big PDA people), and was ALWAYS checking to make sure I was comfortable. I teared up more than once as how amazing and wonderful he is. I feel so unworthy of him. Then I started to realize how protective and loving he's going to be with our daughter. I now understand why little girls have a special place in their daddy's hearts and she's not even here yet! I'm also eternally grateful that I'll have this caring, devoted man by my side when I go through one of the most uncertain and anxious moments of my life so far in the delivery room. It will also be hard for him. If he was worried about being bounced around in a Jeep, watching me go through delivery is going to kill him. But I can't think of any other experience I'd rather share and I cry just thinking he gets to be there with me. I wouldn't want anyone else holding my hand. What an amazing eternal companion. I love that man so much! He's my guardian angel.
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