Slowly But Surely

We've been in our house 2 weeks now and I've agonized over where to hang pictures, where I want the clock or mirror, where to put shelves, and what kind of decorations I want. The worst part is, I can't decide and I want the place decorated so bad!! That was our goal this past conference weekend. This is as far as we got. The fireplace now has pictures above it, yay! We still have a whole house to go, but I'll get it figured out eventually. Also, if anyone knows where I can find curtains that are 92" long, I'd love to find some.

Cory and I went to the doctor yesterday after being sick for so long. We both have swollen throats and mucus blocking important airways and my throat is blistered. Who knew? We were given antibiotics and should be on the mend soon, FINALLY!

Conference was so incredible this weekend! We felt the spirit so strong and Cory was just glowing after the Priesthood session. We're grateful for the Priesthood and our families. We can't wait to be parents! We also are excited to make the changes we need to in order to better our lives. The Gospel rocks!

Finally, in "aw, that's so cute" news, Cory finally got to feel the baby kick last night. His face was frozen in wonder. It made me cry. And at Lowes yesterday there was a guy with the cutest little girl, about 2 and she was "helping" her dad push the cart and Cory stopped and watched them with a giant grin on his face. I asked, "Does that get you excited?" Without hesitating he said, "Oh yes it does!" He really was all jittery with excitement! I can't wait to see him hold her for the first time.
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Jennifer said...

Your place is looking nice! I'm sure the rest of the house will follow suit. :) How exciting to feel the baby move and be so excited to be new parents to your sweet little baby girl. I am so happy for you guys.