The House That Someone Else Built

I was waiting to put pictures of the house up until we got it a little more decorated and got some stuff hung up. However, that hasn't happened and who knows how long it could be until things get the way we want them. So, I caved and decided to just take "as is" pics for now and I'll post changes as we make them. Be prepared for a million photos.

Entry Way:

 Looking down into the garage entry and basement

Front Room:
Right now it's a little bare. Someday we'll get some couches and whatnot in there to spruce things up, and allow the home/visiting teachers a place to sit. Until then it houses the table and lamp. 

Living Room:

 I'm hoping soon we'll get something up above the TV
 I hate the brown curtains because they don't match. I have plans to make some red ones.

Dining area. This also needs stuff on the walls... stuff that's sitting on the kitchen counter. 
 We'll get bar stools that match sometime soon. Until then, these work just fine.
 LOVE having a pantry!
 A gas stove took about a week to get used to, but we love it now.


Laundry Room:
It's a little messy right now because it's full of the stuff waiting to be put on walls as well :)
 The shelf space by the window is really big but we haven't organized it yet so I figured you didn't need to see it haha

Office/Work Out Room:

 The cork board will be on the wall soon so I can pin stuff up.

Kennedy's Room:
This is the most bare room of all but will probably be fully decorated first before any of the others. I'm sure MANY more pictures will come of this room :) I put the chair together all by myself!

 I can't wait till the bedding is done!

End of the hallway where the baby's room, the bathroom, and the master bedroom meet:

Master Bedroom:
This room needs a woman's touch SO bad! But, it's also the least important room to get to right now so it'll remain boring until we get to it. We want to do a country/cabin type theme in there one day.

 Entrance into the master bath

Master Bathroom:

 Our tub that I could easily drown in so we'll be keeping our kids away from this one for a while.

 Master Closet:

Bathroom at the end of the hall:

This one requires the most work. As you can see, the backyard isn't finished. We plan to put sod in this summer and maybe finish off the fence. Probably next summer we'll make the deck bigger and add some other things we want. I can't wait to have a yard!

So that's the house. I didn't take pictures of the basement because no one cares about concrete and framing, but it has a family room, a sub-level storage room, another bathroom and two more bedrooms. I also didn't want to post pictures of the front all over the internet so you'll just have to come over to see it :) Oh, and there's the garage but our cars are in there. So there you go! We love it!!! We feel overwhelmed how blessed we are and we are truly happy here. The ward has been great so far and there's lots of trails and parks to allow us to enjoy the outdoors. I even cried on the way home from church today because I felt so strongly that this is where we are supposed to be and I felt so happy. It'll be fun to see what adventures life brings us!


Jennifer said...

Gas stoves are awesome, and so are pantries. I love that chair you put together in Kennedy's room. Those are so nice and comfy and relaxing. The arched walkways in the house are really pretty too! Looks like a great place you have there. :) Congratulations!!

Amy said...

So pretty! Way to go on the chair, I hate putting thing together!

Jessica said...

Oooh! It really is such a nice home! You have cute decorations, too. Congratulations again!