Finally an Update

To just say that life has been “busy” would be an understatement. We’ve been swamped! So much has happened to update on! First off, house stuff:
We closed on our home on St. Patrick’s Day. It was weird to sign a million papers then have someone say, “Ok! The house is yours!” We got the keys the next evening and went to check it out. After making sure everything was still in working order, Cory, Collin, Jason, and my Dad started ripping out the old carpet while my mom and I went to get pizza for everyone. We weren’t gone very long and by the time we got back they were already done! The house instantly smelled better without the cat-pee soaked carpet stinking it up. We spent LITERALLY all day Saturday cleaning the majority of the house and getting the floor ready for new carpet. Monday my mom and I went to finish the cleaning and the carpet guy came to install it. We were so excited for the smell of the new carpet because let’s face it, new carpet-smell rocks, but after using a whole gallon of Pinesol on the house that was all we could smell for days!

Tuesday and Wednesday we ran some boxes down and unpacked a few things. Thursday we finished packing our old house stuff so we could move more stuff Friday. I was so stinking excited to move all week! But Thursday at work during the day I started to feel sick and had that annoying pain in my throat. By the middle of the night Thursday I had a high fever and a sore throat and had a miserable time sleeping. I haven’t been sick in 6th months. Of course it would make sense for me to get sick on the weekend we were supposed to be moving; as if moving while pregnant wasn’t bad enough. Anyway, I felt awful Friday morning and called in sick to work. Cory and Collin started moving a lot of our furniture that morning – including our bed. Cory brought all our bed material so that I could still sleep on it at the new house and rest. He’s so sweet! He even set it up right away for me. I rested as much as I could but it was hard with all the moving going on. We also needed to go pick up some new shelves before the sale ended. After that trip, I was near tears from exhaustion so we went home and spent our first night in our new house!

Saturday the chaos began. My sickness turned out to be a nasty cold (which I still have today) and I was still totally dead. We had family and friends lined up to help us move everything else. I was basically told to delegate where things should go. It was so chaotic and crazy, and I felt so crappy, I really didn’t care. There was so much I wanted to organize and put in the right places but instead I ended up saying “I don’t care” most of the day. But, thanks to wonderful, helpful people we got everything down there (minus Cory’s garage stuff which he can get later). Thanks a million to everyone who helped, especially my mom!! We’ve got most of the kitchen organized and our living room and bedroom ready to go. Everything else is still a disaster. We’ll get to it though. We said goodbye to our ward on Sunday. It was really hard to leave but we’re excited to make new friends in our new ward. We’re hoping to organize everything and set furniture up this weekend and maybe even get some pictures hung up! It looks so bare in there! We love, love, LOVE our house so far!! We can already feel our relationship growing closer. I get overwhelmed how blessed we are. I don’t feel deserving of how well things have turned out. But we’re so grateful and can’t wait to start our family there. Sorry, no pictures right now. I can’t find my camera or its charger…

Next order of business, baby stuff:
Today marks my third trimester! It feels like time has flown and is hasn’t at the same time. I still can’t believe I have three more months to go! I swear I’m jinxed because I’ll be feeling fine and then someone will ask if I’ve experienced different pains and whatnot and the next day I’ll get it. So don’t ask me stuff anymore haha. We’ll hopefully get the crib put together this weekend and my mom is almost done making the quilt and bumper pads. I can’t wait to see what it looks like!! The quilt is so cute!! We’re getting really excited/scared. 3 more months to go and we’ll finally get to meet her! I can tell already she’s going to be a daddy’s girl J

In other news:
After years and years of seeing advertisements on TV and being too late to buy tickets, I finally got lucky and was able to purchase tickets to Riverdance!!! I’ve been obsessed with the music for as long as I can remember and I love Irish dancing. It was AMAZING!! I can’t believe how talented everyone one of those performers are. I have the first half of the show on my ipod so I had all the music and taps memorized in my head. It was fun to see it put to action. The second half was full of surprises and a really entertaining. We had a great time!

We’re really excited for conference weekend to hang out and listen to what the Apostles have to say. Cory is now sick, too, so we have a lot of relaxing to do and what a better weekend than now to do it. I hope everyone is doing well. I keep you updated as often as I can and as often as I can find internet J

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