I've discovered a lot about myself this past little while. Changes are being made and I thought everyone should know the giant steps I'm taking...

I actually got really excited about matching towels and home decor the other day. I've never had to care about this kind of stuff and now that I will, I'm pretty darn excited to match colors and decorate any way I please!

I've never cared for waffles. Only recently have I given syrup on my pancakes a try. But lately, after seeing these at the grocery store and thinking they looked good, this is all I eat for breakfast anymore. I'm addicted to them!!

I've finally found an American Idol contestant other than David Archuleta that I am totally crazy about!! Casey is one sickly talented individual. I'm watching faithfully every week now just to ensure his success. I might even vote for the first time in 10 seasons. If you haven't heard him, you are missing out!

I've given in to the Zumba craze. I was curious what all the buzz was about so I bought the Wii game. It's a little difficult to shake my groove thang with a baby sticking out of me, but it's still really fun. I can't wait to play when I'm not twirling around a basketball in my stomach. Perhaps some day I'll actually develop some dancing skills.

5. (This one is a huge milestone for me)
I actually let a BYU game be on in our house the other night. I didn't watch of course, I preferred to pack after a grueling work day when my body already ached. Organizing and moving boxes just sounded better. But, and this is a HUGE but, I have to admit that Jimmer is pretty dang good. Let's see how he does in the big time. And by that I mean hearing about whether they won or lost on Sportsbeat, after the weather.

Cory and I, I repeat, CORY and I spent quite a while at the store the other day debating about baby strollers. We pushed them around, we folded them up, took them apart, thought about how ugly the jogger strollers are but how much we want one compared to how cute the other travel systems are but how much you CAN'T take them anywhere, Cory even pushed them around the store folded up to see which one traveled better folded, as if THAT'S relevant! We left very frustrated. You'd think Mrs. anti-pink and frills who's married to Mr. buy-the-black-and-green-diaper-bag-because-it's-masculine-enough-for-me-I-can-carry-it-around-and-not-feel-totally-stupid would be jazzed about the lack of color in the jogger strollers, but we hate it! I'm not opposed to black, nor red. In fact I love red! But do I want to put my cute little girl in something that looks like it should come with a trailer hitch? I don't know yet... All these new feelings are so confusing...

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Lisa McLachlan said...

I have to admit, I've been following BYU, too. I won't watch a game, but I'll leave the news on a little longer to hear whether they won or lost.