To a Wonderful Lady!


My mom is the best! She's always been such a caring, sacrificing mother and has bent over backwards to make sure her kids are happy and provided for. She's also a super fun Grandma as you can see pictured above and spoils the crap out of her grand kids. My mom has always been my best friend. Growing up I always felt bad that I never had that one best friend who I knew would always be there that I could trust with anything and that I was with all the time. I'd start to feel bad for myself but then I'd realize I have that in my mom, and not everyone is so lucky to have that. (Disclaimer* I have WONDERFUL friends and several who I know fit the best friend category, I'm just talking a best friend like the girls on Bride Wars, or a nerdier example, Frodo and Sam). My mom has always been there for us when we've needed advice or just to hear ourselves talk. I am her carbon copy and I'm proud to say I have many of her wonderful qualities. I spend way too much time at her house for a married woman but I don't care. My mom is talented, loving, and so much fun. Mom, I hope your birthday is awesome. Thanks for being the best mom I could have asked for! I LOVE YOU!


Wendy said...

Thanks babe! I'm glad I lived long enough to be your Mom, and the grandma to the Hunter variety.

Jennifer said...

Yes, you do have a wonderful Mom!! And I have a wonderful Aunt as well. Happy Birthday Aunt Wendy!!