News Flash!!

Pregnancy sucks!!!
I know that's a "super education" expression, but it's a simple fact. Don't let anyone fool you about this process, it's miserable. And I've had it easy! I'm a complainer, I'll admit it. And I haven't been cursed with morning sickness. In fact I haven't even thrown up. But, that's not the only thing that makes pregnancy a super annoyance. There's also nothing more disheartening than knowing you have a "condition" that won't go away for a few more months; in fact, it'll get worse before it gets any better. Each problem on it's own isn't that bad. But slapped together into a misery sandwich makes me a little cranky. Let me give you a little taste of what I mean...
  • I have bad headaches a lot. They never really go away either there's just this dull, achy pain that throbs all day.
  • Some days I swear my nose will suddenly disintegrate from awful smells. It can burn so bad I wonder if I have any hairs left in it. Walking through crowds of people (i.e. people in the halls at church) makes me want to assume the fetal position and cry because I can smell all their breath intermixed into a lethal cloud of vomit-inducing crap. 
  • I'm always burping. Doesn't sound too bad, but there isn't ever any warning so mid-sentences I'll suddenly have a mini-explosion on people. "Excuse me" should be my catch phrase.
  • I ALWAYS have phlegm in my throat. It's extra bad when I first wake up. And it takes forever to get rid of. 
  • My gag reflex is atrocious. I've never had problems swallowing pills but I sure do now. Brushing my teeth in the morning has become hazardous as well. I look like a mother bird trying to regurgitate her food for her babies.
  • My "chest" just won't stop growing. It's getting alarming! At first I thought it was kind of fun but now I don't even know what to do with them. 
  • Heartburn, *WAIL* oh the heartburn!!! I take Zantac twice a day but that doesn't always stop the flaming pain that rises up due to certain foods, which of course I have yet to pinpoint. I know Cafe Rio is now on my "do not eat" list which in and of itself makes pregnancy almost not worth it. It can feel like I just swallowed some acid and I have to quietly sit there while it burns all the way down. Rumor has it, this little gem will only get worse. Lovely. Freaking lovely. 
  • Now that our baby is getting bigger, my ribs are expanding and causing a lot of pain, especially if I sit too long. Riding in cars is the worst which should make our April Moab trip a pure pleasure. 
  • Something always hurts, whether it's the above mentioned items or back aches, which is a new feature to the "February model" of the pregnant Megan. This too, will only get worse. 
  • My skin is super dry and itchy and breaking out. I can't even lay down sometimes because it makes my skin itch too bad.  If I rub certain areas fast enough, I can make it snow. Sorry, that may be a little too much information, but I don't want to leave anything out.
  • Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in my body is working right. Sometimes I can't breathe, others I can't eat, and my personal favorite, my digestive system is a nightmare. I think all women who have been pregnant know what I'm talking about without my needing to spell it out and be gross, but no one warned me about that and how painful that can be. 
  • As an avid water-drinker I've frequented the restroom throughout the day normally so that hasn't been a big adjustment. But throughout the night is a different story. I also never had to go 4 times within an hour before. That's new as well. 
  • I'm so freaking emotional. I don't often have crying fits or times when I just lose it, but I can get cranky and things bother me WAY too easily!! Things also get to me so unless your hope is to make me cry and get under my skin, I wouldn't choose the next 5 months or so to make fun of me. 
  • Remember when I said I didn't care about getting fat? Yeah that was when I wasn't fat. With each new favorite pair of pants that slowly drops out of the wardrobe because they won't fit anymore, I die a little inside. I had to get measured for a friends brides maid dress to wear 4 weeks after the baby comes and I tried not to cry at the numbers she was writing down. I keep telling myself it's temporary and there's a flipping person growing inside me, but it doesn't make me feel any less whale-like. 
  • It's pretty hard to watch people being active and doing all the activities I love to do while I have to sit on the sidelines and "wait it out." Especially around this time of year when everyone is setting resolutions and goals and all I have are the hopes of things like, "I hope my wedding ring will fit in June." I know after the baby it won't matter, but it makes it really hard none the less.
  • I'll just randomly feel crappy. I can't explain it, but some days I just feel terrible. 
  • I don't have that big of a tummy yet, but it seems people are already forgetting I have a face. Could you look me in the eye instead of staring at my mid-section please?
  • Although it's not as bad as the first trimester, I'm still really tired all the time. I don't even crack jokes about our 9:30 bedtime anymore. The only thing cracking now is someone's face if we miss that 9:30 mark. 
I had a few more I was going to discuss but I figured I've complained long enough. I officially am not a lover of pregnancy. I know, I know, "It's so worth it!" I don't know what else people are supposed to say, and it really is the truth and I'll get to understand that one day, but for now it's still on my list of least favorite things to experience in life. I'd better be getting a giant-sized cookie when this is all said and done. And ice cream! 


Jennifer said...

So sad to hear about your pregnancy difficulties. I myself am trying to take it much easier this time around and am doing my best to get PLENTY of rest and relaxation. It seems to be helping immensely. I don't think of it as being lazy, just trying to keep my health and sanity. :)

I think women in general try to do too much during pregnancy and don't fully realize how that contributes to other problems. At least, I know that was the case with me during my first two pregnancies.

For example, cleaning the house. That really does a number on my back when I'm pregnant. So, I've learned that I shouldn't do that while I'm pregnant. Yay! Not such a hard thing to give up for 9 months. :)

I also shouldn't be in the kitchen standing up for hours at a time, even though I love to cook. Bad news for my back too.

So, go ahead, be lazy and let Corey help you out around the house. It will pay you back in countless ways, I promise. :)

Just my two cents. Take it or leave it. I hope you get feeling better very soon!

Amy said...

I'm so sorry Meg! I wish I could empathize but have yet to experience all the "fun". I hope you eat a big bowl of ice cream and it makes all your problems vanish - that's what helps me when I'm down. :)

Jessica said...

Oh, complain all you want! I think it's almost worse when pregnant people don't own up to the misery they have to go through. I know I'll sure as heck be complaining when that time comes.

Anytime my cousin was asked to do something when she was pregnant, she said:

"I'm busy."
---"Doing what?"
"Making a baby!"

You can use that for the rest of the pregnancy. :D

You're super tough! Only a few more months. You will be a wonderful mom!