It's OURS!!!

So, this “big project” that we’ve been spending our time on was house hunting. It’s been quite the ride. We started saving for our down payment a few months ago and acquired it faster than anticipated. We offered on a house in January that we LOVED but we were a backup offer and the home sold to the first people in line. We were sad, but luckily the housing market rocks right now and we were able to find another one we loved. We went to go see a bunch one day and found one we liked it a lot aside from the fact that the current owners have cats and we’ll need to replace all the carpet. After weighing pros and cons with other houses we saw that day, we decided to offer on this particular house. We both felt really good about it, but I felt like we really needed to offer that night – even though it was already kind of late. We went back to our realtor’s office and submitted an offer and ended up going home around 9:30 p.m. The next day our realtor called me and told me that the sellers had received our offer, along with another offer from someone else. At first I started to panic in my mind but it turns out our offer was better so the sellers signed off on it and sent it to the bank. The home was a short sale so we knew it could take a while to hear the bank’s decision. We waited a grueling month. The last few weeks we’ve been losing hope and started looking for other houses for sale again. Short sales can take FOREVER! There really wasn’t anything we liked available so we started meeting with builders to talk about building our home. The only problem was we’d need to break ground right away in order for the house to be done before the baby got here and we were still waiting on this house. Anyway, just when we were ready to give up and find something that we could get into faster, we heard that the bank wanted asking price for the home. Our offer was quite a bit lower, but asking price was still well within our budget. So, after some deliberating, we decided to offer what they wanted and hope for a quicker response. We submitted our offer on Tuesday. Our realtor called me Thursday and told me the bank had accepted the offer and we’d be closing in 30 days, as contracted!! 2 days! Last time it was 30, this time it was 2!! I called Cory, more in shock than anything, and told him the good news. So, next month we’ll be closing on our first home!! We want to move in as soon as possible but we’ll need to fix the carpet situation first. That should only take a few days. We signed the contract papers today and it’s been taken off the real estate websites. We’re so dang excited!! It’ll be a while until we can get pictures available but here is the outside for now. 
I'm discovering that everyone wants to know details of the house so I'll give some. It has 3 completed bedrooms upstairs, including the master bedroom as well as a laundry room, kitchen/living area, and a formal sitting room. The basement isn't finished, which is fine for us for now, but it's framed already for a family room, two more bedrooms, and another bathroom. We'll need to put grass in the backyard eventually but that's something we can handle.

Cory and I have never been alone since we’ve been married. We’ve always shared a home with someone. We’re beside ourselves that we’ll be able to do whatever we want and it won’t bother anyone! I can’t wait to buy new furniture and decorate the baby’s room!! This is a dream come true and we’re so dang happy! More to come on this, I’m sure. But for now, that’s the good news!


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful place!! Congratulations. :)
We have been house hunting lately as well, and we finally found a place too. We will be renting though, not owning. It is great to have the looking part over with. I get tired of that fast, especially when pregnant. :)

Kristie said...

Congrats! that is so exciting! I am really happy for you guys! And the house looks beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures! Let me know if you need help with anything!

Unknown said...

The house looks amazing! I am so happy for you! I know you have been looking forward to this day for quite some time :) And I am even more excited that I get to see it in person this summer....and I will get to see baby Hunter too:)

Amy said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful! that is so exciting!

Jessica said...

Oh wow! That is a gorgeous house! Congratulations! You definitely deserve your own place after all these years!