Lots Happening

A lot has happened that I feel we should update our online life with. First off, we had our detailed ultrasound yesterday. It's the one where you have to drink lots of water an hour before and you're very uncomfortable. But, it was worth it. We confirmed that we are having a girl and got some cute pictures that I don't have to label because the tech already did it:

Normally a black and white blob of bones and organs would be freaky, but we think she's so darn adorable! The tech measured her head and said that I'm only 20 weeks and 5 days along (as of yesterday) and that my due date should be pushed to July 7th. I did the math on that and I know she's the doctor, but 40 weeks back from that date doesn't biologically match up so I'm thinking she's just a small baby, which I have no complaints with. Obviously she'll come when she's ready, but I'm just going to pretend my due date is still the 2nd. We also discovered she's just like me because after a while of prodding and poking, she started getting annoyed apparently because she'd punch me wherever the wand was. It was hilarious! It's amazing that she's only about 20 weeks old and already has a personality! I hate being bugged when I'm comfortable, too! But then again, so does Cory. I can't wait to meet our baby girl!

We picked up the crib yesterday. Of course we can't set it up until we move, but I'm very excited for it none the less.

We also bought a washer and dryer on President's Day for the house and got a screaming deal! We're so excited to use them! And while at RCWilley we looked at carpet and yesterday we took some samples to the house to see which one looks best. We've picked our color and hopefully they can come measure the house on Saturday and get it ordered and ready for installation the weekend after we close, which is on St. Patrick's Day. It's been SO MUCH FUN!! It'll be even better when we're all moved in and everything is just the way we want it. Granted, that's all subject to inspection and whatnot. Right now we don't foresee any obstacles, but I guess we should keep that as a possibility. I sure hope not though! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

That's about all that's been happening so far. We're doing really well and feel so blessed!


It's OURS!!!

So, this “big project” that we’ve been spending our time on was house hunting. It’s been quite the ride. We started saving for our down payment a few months ago and acquired it faster than anticipated. We offered on a house in January that we LOVED but we were a backup offer and the home sold to the first people in line. We were sad, but luckily the housing market rocks right now and we were able to find another one we loved. We went to go see a bunch one day and found one we liked it a lot aside from the fact that the current owners have cats and we’ll need to replace all the carpet. After weighing pros and cons with other houses we saw that day, we decided to offer on this particular house. We both felt really good about it, but I felt like we really needed to offer that night – even though it was already kind of late. We went back to our realtor’s office and submitted an offer and ended up going home around 9:30 p.m. The next day our realtor called me and told me that the sellers had received our offer, along with another offer from someone else. At first I started to panic in my mind but it turns out our offer was better so the sellers signed off on it and sent it to the bank. The home was a short sale so we knew it could take a while to hear the bank’s decision. We waited a grueling month. The last few weeks we’ve been losing hope and started looking for other houses for sale again. Short sales can take FOREVER! There really wasn’t anything we liked available so we started meeting with builders to talk about building our home. The only problem was we’d need to break ground right away in order for the house to be done before the baby got here and we were still waiting on this house. Anyway, just when we were ready to give up and find something that we could get into faster, we heard that the bank wanted asking price for the home. Our offer was quite a bit lower, but asking price was still well within our budget. So, after some deliberating, we decided to offer what they wanted and hope for a quicker response. We submitted our offer on Tuesday. Our realtor called me Thursday and told me the bank had accepted the offer and we’d be closing in 30 days, as contracted!! 2 days! Last time it was 30, this time it was 2!! I called Cory, more in shock than anything, and told him the good news. So, next month we’ll be closing on our first home!! We want to move in as soon as possible but we’ll need to fix the carpet situation first. That should only take a few days. We signed the contract papers today and it’s been taken off the real estate websites. We’re so dang excited!! It’ll be a while until we can get pictures available but here is the outside for now. 
I'm discovering that everyone wants to know details of the house so I'll give some. It has 3 completed bedrooms upstairs, including the master bedroom as well as a laundry room, kitchen/living area, and a formal sitting room. The basement isn't finished, which is fine for us for now, but it's framed already for a family room, two more bedrooms, and another bathroom. We'll need to put grass in the backyard eventually but that's something we can handle.

Cory and I have never been alone since we’ve been married. We’ve always shared a home with someone. We’re beside ourselves that we’ll be able to do whatever we want and it won’t bother anyone! I can’t wait to buy new furniture and decorate the baby’s room!! This is a dream come true and we’re so dang happy! More to come on this, I’m sure. But for now, that’s the good news!


Valentines Day

We had such a great Valentines Day! I had told Cory a few weeks before that I wanted a surprise. That's all I said. I forgot that he thinks on a totally different level than I do. I should have been more specific. I was hoping for a night away somewhere but there's no way he could have known that unless I told him specifically. It dawned on me a few days before Valentines that he had no idea what I meant so I decided to abandon that idea and just wait to be surprised. :) I hurried home from work and tried to wait patiently as Cory and the heater-repair man chatted about cars and jeeps for a good 45 minutes. I finally gave up on waiting and just got in the shower. But after the shower, the man was gone and Cory gave me gorgeous roses, a card that was so sweet and perfect it made me cry, and a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and M&M's. Hey, the man knows my weaknesses! He also said dinner was a surprise. We went to the Macaroni Grill. We like to get out as much as possible and it was such a nice day, it was perfect. I loved watching all the couples walk by in downtown while we ate. I guess Cory had tried to make reservations at TONS of places the week before (Flemmings, The Roof, Market Street Grill) but everything was booked. I didn't care. We had a great dinner and he was even a good enough sport to answer my lame lets-be-sappy-and-talk-about-dumb-things questions like "What are your favorite memories of us?" and things like that. I'm sure there's a million girls out there thinking the same thing about their man, but I am so blessed to have him. It doesn't matter what we do we have fun and always make lasting memories. Life is perfect when he's around and I feel like I can take on anything with him by my side. We're a perfect match. I love that man so much!

Nothing else new to report. Just taking life one day at a time and doing the best we can!


To a Wonderful Lady!


My mom is the best! She's always been such a caring, sacrificing mother and has bent over backwards to make sure her kids are happy and provided for. She's also a super fun Grandma as you can see pictured above and spoils the crap out of her grand kids. My mom has always been my best friend. Growing up I always felt bad that I never had that one best friend who I knew would always be there that I could trust with anything and that I was with all the time. I'd start to feel bad for myself but then I'd realize I have that in my mom, and not everyone is so lucky to have that. (Disclaimer* I have WONDERFUL friends and several who I know fit the best friend category, I'm just talking a best friend like the girls on Bride Wars, or a nerdier example, Frodo and Sam). My mom has always been there for us when we've needed advice or just to hear ourselves talk. I am her carbon copy and I'm proud to say I have many of her wonderful qualities. I spend way too much time at her house for a married woman but I don't care. My mom is talented, loving, and so much fun. Mom, I hope your birthday is awesome. Thanks for being the best mom I could have asked for! I LOVE YOU!


Being Positive This Time

My last post was meant to be kind of funny but as I read through it today I realized it sounds like I'm actually complaining that much. I probably really was that day. No, I don't love being pregnant but it's not awful. After experiencing so many changes in my body to make this baby happen it hits me how much of a miracle it really is and how God really knew what he was doing in creating our bodies to be capable of this. It's amazing! Plus, there are some fun things about upcoming motherhood. And right now it's the only thing that's happening thus the only thing to blog about... I'm so sorry world. I've already become the type of blogger I hate that goes on and on about baby and nothing else. I PROMISE I'll talk about something other than that when there is something going on. I can't even explain to you how boring life has been. Hopefully things will look up soon. They're not bad, just boring. Anyway, back to talking about pregnancy and nothing else, here are the exciting things about it.
First, a better belly picture. This was taken a few weeks ago so I've since gotten bigger but here you are:
I'm a horrible person and totally forgot how far along I am. I thought I was 19 weeks today but something makes me think I got off a little and might be 20. Either way, I'm about halfway done!!

Second, my awesome mom has made it a tradition to buy the crib for her kids when they're about to have their first child. So yesterday she ordered this little beauty:
It's gorgeous and was on a blowout sale so she got it for about $200 less than normal. I can't wait to get it and have a place to set it up!

Third, I've bought a few things for our baby girl. Since we're not absolutely sure it's a girl (I'm just assuming it is unless someone tells us otherwise) I've kept all the receipts but it's impossible to pass the baby section these days and not get something. Here's a couple of the things I couldn't say no to:

Pink isn't as painful as I thought, especially if it has monkeys on it! Either way, it gets me excited and thinking of a newborn, wrinkly body in those tiny clothes makes me cry :)

Life has been great. And I just remembered something in other news I could write about! I got my diploma in the mail the other day. It's only an associates for now but it's so fun to finally have something to show for my hard work. And I graduated with high honors and it says that across the diploma. Cory was so proud of me, he kept bringing it up. He's the best person in the world. I love that man more than anything. I asked him to surprise me for Valentines Day since it'll be our last one alone. I'll keep you posted on what he came up with. I can't wait to find out! Anyway, there's a more positive update. Sorry about the whining earlier.


News Flash!!

Pregnancy sucks!!!
I know that's a "super education" expression, but it's a simple fact. Don't let anyone fool you about this process, it's miserable. And I've had it easy! I'm a complainer, I'll admit it. And I haven't been cursed with morning sickness. In fact I haven't even thrown up. But, that's not the only thing that makes pregnancy a super annoyance. There's also nothing more disheartening than knowing you have a "condition" that won't go away for a few more months; in fact, it'll get worse before it gets any better. Each problem on it's own isn't that bad. But slapped together into a misery sandwich makes me a little cranky. Let me give you a little taste of what I mean...
  • I have bad headaches a lot. They never really go away either there's just this dull, achy pain that throbs all day.
  • Some days I swear my nose will suddenly disintegrate from awful smells. It can burn so bad I wonder if I have any hairs left in it. Walking through crowds of people (i.e. people in the halls at church) makes me want to assume the fetal position and cry because I can smell all their breath intermixed into a lethal cloud of vomit-inducing crap. 
  • I'm always burping. Doesn't sound too bad, but there isn't ever any warning so mid-sentences I'll suddenly have a mini-explosion on people. "Excuse me" should be my catch phrase.
  • I ALWAYS have phlegm in my throat. It's extra bad when I first wake up. And it takes forever to get rid of. 
  • My gag reflex is atrocious. I've never had problems swallowing pills but I sure do now. Brushing my teeth in the morning has become hazardous as well. I look like a mother bird trying to regurgitate her food for her babies.
  • My "chest" just won't stop growing. It's getting alarming! At first I thought it was kind of fun but now I don't even know what to do with them. 
  • Heartburn, *WAIL* oh the heartburn!!! I take Zantac twice a day but that doesn't always stop the flaming pain that rises up due to certain foods, which of course I have yet to pinpoint. I know Cafe Rio is now on my "do not eat" list which in and of itself makes pregnancy almost not worth it. It can feel like I just swallowed some acid and I have to quietly sit there while it burns all the way down. Rumor has it, this little gem will only get worse. Lovely. Freaking lovely. 
  • Now that our baby is getting bigger, my ribs are expanding and causing a lot of pain, especially if I sit too long. Riding in cars is the worst which should make our April Moab trip a pure pleasure. 
  • Something always hurts, whether it's the above mentioned items or back aches, which is a new feature to the "February model" of the pregnant Megan. This too, will only get worse. 
  • My skin is super dry and itchy and breaking out. I can't even lay down sometimes because it makes my skin itch too bad.  If I rub certain areas fast enough, I can make it snow. Sorry, that may be a little too much information, but I don't want to leave anything out.
  • Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in my body is working right. Sometimes I can't breathe, others I can't eat, and my personal favorite, my digestive system is a nightmare. I think all women who have been pregnant know what I'm talking about without my needing to spell it out and be gross, but no one warned me about that and how painful that can be. 
  • As an avid water-drinker I've frequented the restroom throughout the day normally so that hasn't been a big adjustment. But throughout the night is a different story. I also never had to go 4 times within an hour before. That's new as well. 
  • I'm so freaking emotional. I don't often have crying fits or times when I just lose it, but I can get cranky and things bother me WAY too easily!! Things also get to me so unless your hope is to make me cry and get under my skin, I wouldn't choose the next 5 months or so to make fun of me. 
  • Remember when I said I didn't care about getting fat? Yeah that was when I wasn't fat. With each new favorite pair of pants that slowly drops out of the wardrobe because they won't fit anymore, I die a little inside. I had to get measured for a friends brides maid dress to wear 4 weeks after the baby comes and I tried not to cry at the numbers she was writing down. I keep telling myself it's temporary and there's a flipping person growing inside me, but it doesn't make me feel any less whale-like. 
  • It's pretty hard to watch people being active and doing all the activities I love to do while I have to sit on the sidelines and "wait it out." Especially around this time of year when everyone is setting resolutions and goals and all I have are the hopes of things like, "I hope my wedding ring will fit in June." I know after the baby it won't matter, but it makes it really hard none the less.
  • I'll just randomly feel crappy. I can't explain it, but some days I just feel terrible. 
  • I don't have that big of a tummy yet, but it seems people are already forgetting I have a face. Could you look me in the eye instead of staring at my mid-section please?
  • Although it's not as bad as the first trimester, I'm still really tired all the time. I don't even crack jokes about our 9:30 bedtime anymore. The only thing cracking now is someone's face if we miss that 9:30 mark. 
I had a few more I was going to discuss but I figured I've complained long enough. I officially am not a lover of pregnancy. I know, I know, "It's so worth it!" I don't know what else people are supposed to say, and it really is the truth and I'll get to understand that one day, but for now it's still on my list of least favorite things to experience in life. I'd better be getting a giant-sized cookie when this is all said and done. And ice cream!