2011 Festivities with the Hunters

Yesterday was the annual Hunter side of the family ice skating and dinner thing. I've always loved this because it's a ton of fun and almost everyone comes. However, I wasn't feeling so great so I opted to not ice skate this year which excluded me from the billions of pictures all the cousins take of each other around the rink. So, I don't have any photo's of the ice skating :(. Next year dang it! Everyone seemed to be having a good time. I had a nice time talking with Shirleen and some of the cousins. Eventually though we got cold and decided to go have some lunch. We went over to Cory's uncle's house and ate delicious food. I made pasta salad for the first time ever and I think it was a success. There wasn't much left. I think next time I'll try Italian dressing for the sauce, the stuff I used was a little too strong. Anyway, after dinner the fun really began! They had a game for the Wii called Just Dance which of course involved dancing. I got some good pictures of everyone that played. I promised not to Facebook them, but no one mentioned blogging!! I'm not even sure Cory's fam knows we have a blog. But in case I'm wrong, here are photo's of the highly entertaining evening. I was generous and picked the best ones :)
Kristine and Michaela
 Braden and Hailey
 Mariam and Heather
 Hailey and Jessica
 It wasn't even Braden's turn and he was dancing like a mad man haha
 Braden and Hillary
 The best one of the night, Shirleen and Michelle
I hope everyone forgives me for posting these :)

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Jessica said...

Hi Megan! I was so excited to find your blog! Maybe not-so-excited to see you managed to capture HANDS DOWN the least appealing picture of me ever...*wink* But we had fun! New Years with the fam is always a blast! :D