Mommy Saw the Doctor and the Doctor Said...

We started our busy day with a visit to the baby doctor. I was so nervous!! I don't know why, I should have been really excited but I was very anxious. Our little baby wasn't cooperating too well, it didn't want to wake up and move around so he wasn't able to get all the angles he was hoping for. But, we got enough for him to say he's about 95% sure that...
There's a small margin for error there I guess. We'll find out for sure in another month when we go in for our detailed ultrasound to check all the organs and whatnot. But for now we'll believe what he says.

I won't lie, at first I was kind of upset about it. "Upset" isn't the right word but I can't think of a better one right now. We obviously were hoping for a boy and so was the rest of the world. Literally. Even an overwhelming amount of my students wanted us to have a boy. I guess I felt like we'd shot down everyone's hopes. I know that's stupid. I guess I could say I was more shocked, even though Cory and I both kind of had a feeling it would be a girl. Anyway, it only took a couple hours for me to accept it. I decided going out to buy something would help. At first it didn't. I'm NOT a girlie-girl so pink and purple and frilly bows, hearts, and flowers don't mix well with me. But thanks to the awesome people at Carter's, there's a way around all that. It was fun buying stuff for our baby even though I was only allowed to buy "1 thing" ( I made it out with 3). Now we get to start the difficult task of finding a name. So, that's the verdict for now. We're having a little girl!!


Thoughts on Mothers

Back in the day, my roommates introduced me to a little show called:
We used to have Gilmore Girl's nights and when we were bored we'd watch old seasons. They were great times. It's since been off the air and I've forgotten about it until the other day when I was watching TV and saw that it was on. I instantly told the DVR to start recording it and I ordered the first two seasons for myself. It has taken up my spare time since. I love the show and it helps me remember a very important thing and that is how much I value my relationship with my mother. We're a lot like Lorelai and Rory. We're exactly the same and my mom has always been my best friend. I was conflicted after I met Cory because I felt like I was cheating on my mom in a way. I still call her about everything, even when I'm just bored and don't have much to say. I'm lucky that we have such a close relationship and that I can trust my mom with things in my life. She's the best!

In other news, I can't wait to find out what we're having this week!! I'm going to be really upset if we can't get a good look. I'm also accepting the idea of a girl more and more but I have no idea what to name her. I can't find a single name I like enough to name my child that. I'm not a fan of names that start with a "K" because everyone is naming their babies with "K" names, I hate trendy names and names that try so hard to be different they're just weird, we don't like old fashioned names either so... it's going to be tough. We're taking suggestions but don't get offended if we don't use it haha. I also attempted to take a "belly" picture the other day and I have one where you can hardly tell and one where I just look like I've gained a million pounds or so instead of being pregnant (kidding). Turns out it's not easy to take a decent "look-how-fat-I'm-getting" picture. So, I opted for the one where you can hardly tell.
  I promise where the hoodie pokes out, there's a little bump. I'll try for another one later but that'll have to do for now. I can't wait to be a mom! I never, in my life, thought those words would come out of my mouth. I've never relished the idea of motherhood and I've never been baby-hungry. I'm 26 years old though and I'm not getting any younger so we knew it was time to face the music and I'm glad it's turning out to be pleasant. I've never hated the thought of being a mom, but I wanted to live my life as much as I could before we changed it forever. Anyway, it's time for that change and I'm more excited than I expected. I know the timing is perfect for us. We'll keep everyone posted on whether it's a boy or girl when we find out!


Catching Up

I haven't blogged in a while. Life has been really crazy lately. We've spent a lot of time on a big project that I'm not allowed to blog about yet... But rest assured sometime you'll all know why we've been so busy and gone so much. Sorry, dear friends, I promise we'll get together soon! I've been saying to everyone, "Let's do something next week!" and then things get crazy and I don't have time to do anything. Also, young women's basketball has started so that's kept me busy on Thursday nights.

On top of all that, Cory's adorable Grandma Joyce who used to live above us passed away last week. Her funeral was Saturday. I've never seen Cory cry that much and it was really hard to watch. I love him so much and it killed me to see him that upset. But, he also knows we'll see her again and she's up in heaven with our future children and any other posterity that's working hard up there. She was such a funny lady and we'll miss her a lot. I'm glad she left behind a legacy of hard work and hilarious stories so that everyone has something great to remember her by. I'm glad we got to live with her for a time so I could get to know her better.

In happier news, This Friday I'll be 4 months pregnant. I can't believe how fast time has flown! I'll put up a little belly picture here in a little bit. Probably after next week. My pants won't comfortably zip up anymore and I'm thinking of trying out my first pair of maternity pants today, just for the pure comfort of them. We hopefully get to find out on the 28th what we're having. Not a single person has said they think we're having a girl or said they even want us to have a girl so please, don't be sad if we're having a girl haha. A boy would be convenient, but we'll love it no matter what it is. I just hope the little bean cooperates on that day. I'm not sure I can wait another month to find out! I also need to get my butt in gear and start a consistent exercise program. I've been so lazy!! I want a good delivery so I'd better start keeping myself healthy.

So, for anyone who missed this little bit of information, my little brother Collin is engaged!! Her name is Natalie and they are so perfect together. We like her a lot and can't wait till May when they get to be sealed together. It's so weird thinking of Collin taking on that kind of responsibility but he loves her and they're happy so we're excited for them. Once again we have a wedding and a baby in the same summer! It's the way we do things on my side of the family.

Life has been really good as far as everything else goes. We're really happy and feel so blessed each and every day. I honestly sit in awe sometimes at how blessed we've been. I hope that doesn't sound boastful in any way. I just always want to remember that everything we have has been a blessing from the Lord and I'm so grateful for that. There are people with much less and people with much more. But regardless of what others have, I'm filled with gratitude that we've always had everything we've needed; and that's enough for us.


2011 Festivities with the Hunters

Yesterday was the annual Hunter side of the family ice skating and dinner thing. I've always loved this because it's a ton of fun and almost everyone comes. However, I wasn't feeling so great so I opted to not ice skate this year which excluded me from the billions of pictures all the cousins take of each other around the rink. So, I don't have any photo's of the ice skating :(. Next year dang it! Everyone seemed to be having a good time. I had a nice time talking with Shirleen and some of the cousins. Eventually though we got cold and decided to go have some lunch. We went over to Cory's uncle's house and ate delicious food. I made pasta salad for the first time ever and I think it was a success. There wasn't much left. I think next time I'll try Italian dressing for the sauce, the stuff I used was a little too strong. Anyway, after dinner the fun really began! They had a game for the Wii called Just Dance which of course involved dancing. I got some good pictures of everyone that played. I promised not to Facebook them, but no one mentioned blogging!! I'm not even sure Cory's fam knows we have a blog. But in case I'm wrong, here are photo's of the highly entertaining evening. I was generous and picked the best ones :)
Kristine and Michaela
 Braden and Hailey
 Mariam and Heather
 Hailey and Jessica
 It wasn't even Braden's turn and he was dancing like a mad man haha
 Braden and Hillary
 The best one of the night, Shirleen and Michelle
I hope everyone forgives me for posting these :)