Our First Appointment

Today we had our first appointment with the doctor. I didn't know what to expect except blood tests. Even though I tried not to get excited, I was so ecstatic to be there I just kept smiling and laughing at everything the nurse said like some idiot. I even bravely asked her if she needed my urine because if not, I needed to get rid of it. She was so cute and friendly. She probably gets first time nit-wits like us all the time. But that would be the fun part of the job, assisting new and excited parents. Anyway, he did an ultrasound and as soon as it started up he said, "Aw, only one." PHEW!! I was really nervous twins were in the future because I'm already showing a little bit. Everyone says you can't tell, but I can and so can Cory. He prodded around a little and we got to see his little heart beating and tears instantly came to my eyes. Then he started moving around and we even got to see him wave "at us" (the nurse gasped and said "Look! He's waving at mommy and daddy!") and he kicked his legs and squirmed around a little bit. It was so exciting!! I just stared in awe at the little guy. It was such a huge relief to see that there's really something in there and so far, it has all it's parts and looks healthy and normal. Here are the photos we got:
Here's the side view. You can see his arm and legs and this is where the heart beat was.
 Here's the back of him. You can see his left arm and spine.
 This one is my FAVORITE!! You can see his nose if you look closely and his arms and feet.
It was so cute to see the little one moving around inside me. In 4 weeks we'll hear the heartbeat and in 4 more weeks we'll know what we're having. Cory was so cute. I can't describe the look on his face when he saw the ultrasound. Pure joy and amazement. I think he finally gets that we have a baby now. He did before, but when we got home he patted my belly with a huge grin on his face. It was such a fun visit!!


Jennifer said...

Very fun!! Such a miracle to have a little one growing inside and to actually be able to see it moving around. Amazing. I am so happy for you. :)

Amy said...

Such a CUTE little gummy bear!

Mindy said...

How exciting! I love how you already call your baby a him throughout the whole post and then at the end, you say in 8 weeks you'll know what you're having. I thought you found out already! haha Super cute though, I'm so excited for you guys!! :)