It Is Time

It's time for the annual New Years resolutions post. I glanced over last years and was pretty proud of myself for how many of them I was able to accomplish. My final glory moment was getting a 4.0 this past semester. That felt really good. Anyway, I've been pondering a lot about what to do this year since it'll be quite an exciting year for us and a lot will be unknown. But I've come up with some things I know I can improve on no matter what happens.

1. Be less judgmental. This is hard to admit publicly, but it's easier knowing so many people are in the same boat as me, but I am very critical of others. I don't want to go through my life picking out the things that bother me about people or what I think they should do differently. If I want people to accept me regardless of my faults, then I need to do the same. I can't be a hypocrite. And I hate the feeling I get when I think negatively. It's keeping me from really getting to know so many good people. No one is perfect, so why dwell on that?

2. Don't let things get to me. I'm not going to care what other people say or do, I'm going to go on with my life and keep doing what I know is right.

3. Forgive people easier. Again, no one is perfect so I need to forgive their mistakes and move on. I'm good with most people on this but there are a few I still need to just forget about.

4. Be a better friend. I talk about myself a lot. I noticed that the other day when I went to lunch with friends. I couldn't shut up! It was the first time I've really been able to sit down and talk with friends in a long time because of school, so I felt like a kid on Christmas all excited  for some girl time. But I should have let them talk more, I should have asked more questions about their life. I'm going to be a better friend to those around me and stop thinking of myself.

5. Never forget where our blessings come from. Cory and I have been outrageously blessed lately. I feel like we don't deserve it but by saying that I'm telling the Lord I don't trust His judgment. I do wholeheartedly. I don't know why we've been so lucky, but I never want to forget that He is the reason why we've been so blessed and I want to continue to thank Him for that every day of my life.

6. Find the humor in things. Life is full of many opportunities to laugh and I want to be a part of them.

7. Be more open and outgoing. I don't consider myself "shy". To me, shy means you're scared to talk to people and I'm not. I just keep to myself most of the time and wait for others to make the move. If you know me, you know I'm crazy and never shut up. But it takes a while to get to that point. I'm going to fix that. We'll be in a new ward sometime this year and I want to make as many friends as I can. I want people to know that I'm a good person and can be fun to be around.

8. Be the best mom I can be. I'm already worried about what people will think when we make the choices we're going to make in our lives. Will people think I'm a bad mom for hanging out alone with my friends without the baby? What will people say when they found out I'm going to bottle feed? What if our baby isn't crawling by the right age? The point is, it doesn't matter in the slightest. Everyone is different. Every situation, baby, and mother is different. Everyone has an opinion and wants to offer it, but no matter what I hear from others, I'm going to do my best and that's all I can do.

9. Remember what's really important in life. I always want my family, friends, and marriage to come first. I'll never sacrifice those things for worldly wants or desires. Those are the things that make me happiest and the only things I can take with me in the next life. Why waste precious time with the good things for things that really don't matter?

10. Be less selfish. This should come first, but luckily these aren't in order of importance. Serving more and thinking of others will help me be able to do all the other things easier. In serving others we forget ourselves and are happier. I need to forget about me and think of others. That's why we're here on this earth.

There are my ten goals for 2011. I'll probably come up with less important ones as life changes but these are the ones I need to fix and will work on the most. 2010 has been awesome. So many good things and accomplishments have occurred and I couldn't be happier. I hope I can look back on my life someday and say with confidence that I lived it to the best of my ability. Regardless of what others think or say, I want to know for myself that I'm doing the best I can. Happy New Year everyone!!

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