Christmas 2010

Let me just preface this post by saying I was the worlds biggest slacker this Christmas and took a total of 4 pictures. I started the day thinking "I need to take pictures, we don't have any recent ones," and I lazily took a couple in the morning and then placed my camera in a weird place and forgot ALL about taking photos. And to make matters worse I forgot to take it over to Cory's parents so I have none of them. But I'll make up for that on New Years. I feel awful. I think part of the problem was Cory worked Christmas day and I had a harder time with that than I thought I would. I wasn't as cheery without him as I usually am. Either way, just know I don't have very many pictures.

So, I woke up and had breakfast with Lee and Shirleen. Then I showered and went over to my parents house to open presents and have lunch. I got this picture of my mom and I:
Not the most flattering but with 4 pictures I can't afford to be picky. Anyway, we opened presents in a frenzy because I only had a short time before I had to leave. Bradlee and Brock loved their presents we got them, that is until Brock opened the Buzz Lightyear my mom got him. He freaked out. If you know him at all, you know he worships Buzz. Here he is not-so-patiently waiting for my mom to free him from the box:
Presents went by fast and then it was time for lunch, which was awesome. Christmas dinner is my favorite part about the day. We always have super nice china and the food is phenomenal and there's funeral potatoes!! Oh, here's a truly awful picture of the girls in the family. We talked about doing another one when Natalie, Collin's girl came over but we forgot. Surprised? We'll get one with everyone soon.
After lunch I went over to the Hunters and we headed out to see Narnia at the Gateway. Going to see a movie on Christmas day has been the family tradition for a long time. We swore last time we saw a 3D movie that we were done with them because they always cause us to have really bad headaches. Well, it was in 3D haha. The movie was really good though. However, lots of us had bad tension headaches the rest of the day. After the movie we came home and Cory was there (YAY!!!) I missed him so much I got emotional when I saw him. We quickly opened our presents then went and opened presents with the rest of the family. I love the way they do presents. Lee hands them out and everyone just goes for it. I think everyone loved their presents and it was fun to sit around together. After presents we had a WONDERFUL dinner of prime rib and all kinds of yummy other things. During dinner we watched Despicable Me, which is hilarious, and helped Braden put together the millions of guns he got for Christmas. After the movie we went back to my parents house so Cory could open his presents. We were both really tired at this point and my head was killing me so we weren't tons of fun. We played Catch Phrase for a short time before we had to go back home. On our way out we went to say goodbye to the kids and found Brock watching Toy Story 3 like this:
I'm glad he understands the true point of Christmas. I saw people running while going back and forth throughout the day and I thought they were literally insane. It's CHRISTMAS!! You're supposed to relax in your jammies and spend time with loved ones. Anyway, we had a good laugh before leaving.

Most of the day it didn't feel like Christmas without Cory, but I still had a great time. And when he got home it made it perfect. I love giving presents to people and watching their faces when they open them. And of course there is the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Savior. I felt like I had a hard time feeling that this year with the running around so today during church I really tried to think about it and it helped me feel the spirit. I'm truly blessed with so much in my life and I feel so undeserving. Whenever I get around to doing my tacky new years post I'll probably talk about wanting to change that. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Oh, and congrats to friends and family who got engaged this week and had wonderful things happen to them!

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Tory said...

Brock looks so white trash in that last picture! Makes me feel like a terrible parent!