I'm sorry I don't have pictures for this post... I've been a camera slacker lately. But I'll proceed with what happened anyway even though I've heard countless people say, "I only look at their blog for the pictures." Hopefully someone will read this.

We traveled to Burley, Idaho for Thanksgiving. We left early Thursday morning and as soon as we reached the Idaho border, the roads turned to ice and snow because Idaho has a problem with plowing their roads it seems. After a slightly tense ride, we made it and surrounded ourselves with family, wonderful food, and games. The boys planted themselves in front of the xbox the whole time and the rest of us found stuff to keep us entertained. Cory woke up early Friday morning to get some deals on things at Walmart. I should have gone with him, I could have prevented the amount of money he spent. But oh well. Some of the stuff he got is pretty sweet. And in the spirit of Christmas I told him that he can keep everything he bought if I can spend that much on MY presents. Aren't I a good wife?

We had a really good time in Burley. I always envy how close Cory's extended family is. It feels like he's got a million brothers and sisters. I'm glad I can be part of such a neat family.

I hope everyone got to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember the things they're grateful for. Oh, and one more thing... GO UTES!!!

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