There's nothing like finding out a test you planned to take all Friday night to get ready for isn't due till Sunday!!! Hello free time! Goodbye free Saturday! At least I'll have many hours Saturday and not just a few tonight. Either way, I figured I'd update the blog a bit.

We're doing great. Cory loves Kennecott. And I love telling people he works there and that he loves it. I hate that he has to work some Sunday's. They put him in the parts department for a while which means he now works 5 days on, 3 days off and only works days. He can also choose to work 10 hour days or 12's which is awesome when he needs to be home for something. Other than waking up alone every morning, which is probably for the best given how cranky I can be, it's like he works any typical 9-5 job. I love my Cory and all the hard work he does for us. He's been working mega overtime right now because we're diligently saving for a house.

I have one more month of classes and then I'm off for a while. I can't wait!!! My goal is to finish off at least one class over Thanksgiving break so I can have my life back again. I forgot what it was like to come home and relax and not have a stupid monkey always on your back. I can't wait until I can take that monkey out and shoot it. And I love monkeys, usually.

I'm so stinking excited for the holidays!! We're heading to Idaho for Thanksgiving. I'm stoked to see all the cousins! Plus Cory's mom and aunt are such good cooks!! Then we have Christmas and the annual ice skating get together on New Years Day. Bring on the family time!!

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