I Know, It's Cliche...

...but I wanted to post about the things I'm grateful for in no particular order:

1. Cory. I don't know where I'd be without this guy. I was just telling Collin that whenever I think back to where I was, and where I am now, and how happy we are, I get emotional. He is my rock, my foundation, my everything. He knows how to cheer me up, make me cry, piss me off, and take away pain. Sometimes I swear he knows me better than I know myself. He's truly my best friend. I don't deserve a guy as wonderful as him so I make sure to thank the Lord for him every night. He's my bright shining star that keeps me happy all the time.

2. Our families. I could go on and on with this one, but I'm just going to say we have the most loving, supportive, awesome families ever. We are so blessed with such a strong support group and so much love around us.

3. Friends. Where would I be without them? I can't explain the deep love and appreciation I have for those friends of mine who have stuck by me and have always been there for me. They've listened to me go on and on about myself without complaining. They've given great advice when I wanted to hear it and when I didn't. They make me smile, laugh, and love. They look out for me and I love the random text messages I get all the time asking how things are going. I love girls nights and chatting with my guy friends. I love knowing there's always someone I can call when I'm frustrated or just bored and we'll have a great time. Thanks for always being there and making time for me. It means the world to me!!

4. Priorities. Life doesn't get more simple with them, but it makes a whole lot more sense. When I get frustrated that I can't go do something or that I have a test, I just remind myself how important my education is. When I want to run and can't, I remember the Lord cares more about who I spend my time with or who I helped that day rather than how many miles I was able to squeeze in. When I get annoyed with people I just remember I have so many great people around me who are worth my time and love and I should just ignore the rest. I try to remember what matters most in the long run and that always gets me through the day.

5. The Gospel. I won't be preachy here but I've never been happier than when I have a strong testimony and I'm striving hard to live up to the standards of the Gospel. I love every aspect of the Gospel; scriptures, priesthood, prophet, prayer... etc.

6. Our home. I gripe about living in a cave and dwelling amongst the spiders, but I really am so thankful that we have a warm, safe place to call our own. So many people don't have that luxury.

7. Our education. Although I hate doing homework and having class, I am so grateful both Cory and I have the opportunity to have an education and better ourselves and learn all we can. I don't want to think where we'd be without it. In fact, it's what got us #8.

8. Our jobs. I'm also grateful that we love our jobs. We're both doing something so fulfilling and I love that we have means to provide sufficiently for ourselves. What a huge blessing. I couldn't be more grateful for that.

9. Modern Medicine. I'm grateful there's technology out there that can save lives and heal those in pain.

10. Adrianne. I miss her every day and I'm so blessed to have had a friend like her. I know she's working her butt off in heaven right now and working her magic on others. If there was ever a true friend, it was her. She never gave up on me and abandoned me. I love her so much.

I have a slew of things I'm grateful for that I know I could live without, but I'll just keep it simple and meaningful today. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!