Hello, New Life

I hurried home today to get all my homework done so Cory and I could actually spend some time together tonight without one of us being in front of a computer screen. Anyway, I came home and regardless of the raging pregnancy hunger that always makes me stop off at a fast food restaurant after work, I made dinner for the first time in weeks. I sat down while it cooked and began to read my chapters for my quiz that was due. Despite my best efforts, I could NOT get warm. I had a space heater going in front of me, a very large fleece blanket doubled over covering me, I had a fuzzy vest on with the hood pulled tightly over my head, and I avoided drinking water to keep my core from getting colder. Then the food was ready and I ate it about as daintily as the T-Rex on Jurassic Park eats that goat, and resumed life inside my cocoon to get warm. With a full tummy and the white noise of the space heater coupled with the fact that my energy level matches that of a q-tip, I fell asleep mid-read, sitting upright, for the first time that I can ever remember. Even when I was little I struggled falling asleep sitting up on long car rides. Thank heavens someone sent me a text message and pulled me from my slumber. Who knows how long I could have slept like that. Megan, welcome to pregnancy life. I thank my lucky stars I'm not doing school next semester. I want to say only 7 more months of this, but thing won't really improve with a newborn. And let's face it, pregnant or not, I've always been a ravenous beast with food. That'll remain forever.


Jennifer said...

Hehe...you are so funny. Thank you for making me smile. I needed that today. :) Pregnancy is definitely an adventure and yes, you are right, the adventure only continues once the baby is born. It has only gotten better and better so far in my experience, so I guess it's all good. :)

Lisa McLachlan said...

Thanks for blogging so honestly. It gives me an idea of what I've got to look forward to. :)