Birthday 2010

Well, another year has come and gone. Birthday's aren't terribly exciting anymore since getting older just isn't fun. But it's always fun to have a day where those around you show how much they love and care about you. And that's just what happened. The kids at school were more excited than I was that it was my birthday. They made me cards and told me happy birthday lots and lots. One card even had a tooth taped to it as my gift. Although it was a little gross, how sweet of a thought. Those kids are awesome. Our birthday gift this year from the school is a half day off so I got to go home at noon. The kids for some reason thought I wasn't coming back and were devastated. I told them it was just for the day and they calmed down.

After leaving work Cory and I headed down to the Gateway where we met up with Lisa. We had a yummy lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and then went to see the new Harry Potter. I loved it. Because it has to stop in the middle of the book, the ending was a little...inadequate, but it was still good. And the "nude scene" wasn't as bad as I was expecting. No body parts are shown, but I do totally agree it wasn't necessary in the slightest. Oh well. It's very brief. After the movie we headed to my parents for my annual "Birthday dinner". We usually go out somewhere but I wasn't feeling it so we ordered Cafe Rio and just ate it at home with everyone. I was so excited to spend time with the family but I got the WORST stomach pains I've had in a long time. I tried to hide it and have fun anyway but I finally just had to go lay down and wait for it to pass. I wasn't thrilled about that little gift from my body. It's the kind where you wait too long to eat and then you can't eat anything and what you do try to eat makes your stomach hurt so bad. Anyway, it finally went away in time for us to go home and go to bed. Despite the sucky ending, it was a great birthday. Cory got me the new ipod shuffle for running with. I told him I wanted him to pick out a present for me this year without help. He did great! I can't wait till I have time again to get out and run and use it. I've been way too busy for fun. I got a gift card to Mikado from Cory's parents which I was so excited about!! My mom gave me a new Willow Tree figurine since she knows I love those, and she also bought me a penny whistle. That's right. I've wanted one for a while now. Now I just need a place to practice it without driving everyone insane. Lisa was the one who took us to lunch and the movie and I got an Old Navy gift card from Tyler and Tory. I love gift cards. You can never go wrong with them. Unless they're to some place you hate like Scrap Books R Us. Overall it was a really great birthday. Thanks everyone for making it so wonderful!

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Amy said...

Glad it was a happy one!