Am I Ready?

Well friends, winter is here. Here to stay? Probably. But this is Utah, so who really knows? I was asked at the doctors office today if I was excited for winter. I'm glad she asked because I was staring up at the overhead light trying to think of something else while the doctor cut into my skin so I didn't barf. I had a flashback of all those wonderful snowy nights when the flakes are huge and the sky is so bright it feels like the middle of the day. As a kid we'd always go out in the backyard and play in the fresh snow and lie on our backs and let the flakes fall on our faces while we stared at the bright sky. I remember Shasta, our adorable dog would run around in the snow and toss it in the air with his nose. We'd build snow caves and a luge run down the stairs. I felt so flooded with my favorite snow memories that I almost forgot the nurse had asked me a question and I had to come back to reality to answer her. Although I hate icy roads, indoor recess, being cold, and shoveling, I am very excited for winter this year. It's a magical time of year and I think I'm more prepared than ever with winter coats and thermals. I know I'll change my mind after Christmas when it'll snow clear till May. But for now, I can't wait to break in the Holiday season the right way with snow and lights and hot chocolate. I can't wait to spend time with family. We'll have our whole families together on both sides this year and I can't WAIT!! Nothing makes me happier. So bring on the snow. I'm ready for a change of season.

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