Restroom Lessons

Cory and I went to go see "Life As We Know It" last night. The movie was incredible. I bawled, laughed, and even heard "I want that baby!" come out of my mouth because seriously, the little girl is so dang cute. And she even has red hair, which was exciting since our kids will most likely have red hair, thanks to their daddy. Anyway, I'm getting off topic...

I went in to use the bathroom before the show and there were several other women in there. ALL of them, not kidding, ALL of them were using their bathroom break as an opportunity to say unkind things about another person they knew. I don't know if this person was waiting outside, or if they even knew whether or not their friends were at the movies saying things behind their back, but it sickened me. What kind of a society have we become?

Now, let's face it, ladies, we're all guilty of gossip. I'm not innocent of it by any means. So this isn't one of those "preachy" blogs where everyone who finishes reading it goes, "Hm, sounds like Megan should practice what she preaches." I'm trying to. I really am. I was amazed at the things they were saying. It was evident that they spent a lot of time with these "friends" and in one case, a family member, but they were talking with so much animosity that it made me think, "If they're saying these kinds of things about a good friend now, I bet you they will turn around and say something bad about the person they're with tonight!" I've always watched for that in a friend. If they're more than eager to say unkind things about their friends behind their backs, I know I don't want to be around them. I am more forgiving of saying things about people they don't consider friends or really don't get along with. That's my vice as well. It's not any better and I'm not saying it's totally ok to rip on someone you don't like. It's still wrong and I'm still trying to work on it. I know I'll be judged by every word I speak and I hope I can always keep it clean and positive. But it got me thinking about my actions and my friends and how I treat people. I'm not perfect, but I felt confident that I do well in treating those with respect who are my friends and loved ones to their faces and behind their backs when the respect is returned. It's hard with those who push the limits or are unkind in different ways. But I'm trying. I know if I keep trying, I'll eventually make it a habit to conceal any frustrations or hurt feelings I may have. I also thought about the good friends I have. I have no idea what they say when I'm not there. There's no way of knowing without being terribly creepy. Sometimes I get paranoid and wonder if I bothered them or whatever. But I can't go through life being suspicious of everyone. That would be miserable. I just have faith in them, like they do with me. I'm trusting them to do the right thing like they do with me. I'm trying to keep up my end of the deal and I hope they are too. I have wonderful friends. I'm grateful to them and their examples and their willingness to help me when I have issues. I'm grateful they take my advice to heart and ask me for help when they need it. I'm thankful for all the laughs and fun times. I'm grateful that they've proved to me to be the kind of people who don't say horrible things about people they care about. I hope I have proved that to them as well and that I can continue to have the integrity to keep proving that. Those ladies in the restroom probably had no idea that their words were so hurtful or that they were re-teaching me a valuable lesson. But I'm glad I listened and took what I could from it. I'm grateful for teaching moments in life like this that remind me what I should be working on. Someday, I'll get there.

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