October Moab Trip, 2010

Like we do every year, we headed down to Moab again. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect vacation. Wednesday Cory and I left with my parents so we could find a camping spot for everyone before the rush got there. After the traffic nightmare in Happy Valley, we made it down there in the afternoon and scored a perfect spot. We set up camp and bummed around until we felt ready for bed. The sun goes down way too early. Every night it would get really dark and we'd be tired and check what time it was and it was only 8:30.  Anyway, we woke up Thursday morning and went for a drive over the La Sal Mountains while we waited for everyone else to join us. On our way we discovered a waterfall and a new campground we didn't know existed before.

The leaves in the mountains were gorgeous and we saw tons of cows. Each time we passed them grazing Cory would roll down the window and clap his hands to spook them and make them run. It was pretty funny.
 We stopped at the summit for some lunch and enjoyed the beautiful view. We took out our chips and they had puffed up because of the elevation gain.
 My awesome parents.

After a great drive we headed back to camp to start dinner and wait for everyone else. After about a half hour they all showed up and the fun really began. The kids had so much fun playing in the sand and on the rocks.

Friday morning we decided to try a new trail called Rose Garden Hill. In the spring I blogged about a road we took through an incredible canyon during our spring trip. This trail is on the same road, only further down. It took us forever to actually get to the obstacles and by the time we did, we were behind a long convoy that took an hour for 2 of their 6 cars to get up. We would have had to wait for them to finish and then try to get up it, and it was already late afternoon so we decided to head home. Even though we didn't get to do anything tough, we still had a great time. My mom made us family shirts that we all got to wear. We took a family picture but I'll have to post that when I get it from her.
Here are the boys showing off their stuff.

 The stud, Brock. He was walking away from me when I was trying to take his picture. I said, "Brock, smile! 1...2..3!" On "3" he spun around and struck this pose, waited for me to take it, then turned around and kept walking. He's so funny!!
 Mommy and Bradlee
 Mom and Lisa
 Adorable Bradlee.
We made it back to camp and had dinner and sat around the campfire. The boys took off to go do the other side of Fins-N-Things, which we never do. It made Cory happy, he loves night wheeling.
Saturday we decided to try this trail:
I have a ton of pictures from this trail but I'm just going to pick out a few. It was pretty fun and the scenery was awesome! I even got to drive some of the trail.

We had a blast! The first huge obstacle was named "The Wall." It looks a little something like this: (It sucks pictures never do it justice)

That was a piece of cake. The ridiculous part was the next huge obstacle called "The Fall." We were thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. We were right about one thing, it was big!
 We decided that rolling off the side of a cliff didn't sound like a good time, so we turned back. We'll have to try that one again when we have a wench. Either way, the trail was a lot of fun and we took some other pictures.
Collin's squeeze, Natalie!

We went back to camp and cooked hot dogs and burgers over the fire and talked. Cory and I had such a good time. We really needed a vacation. Everyone got along and the kids were well behaved. The trip was pretty darn perfect! Thanks, Mom, for doing so much for us. It wouldn't have been as successful without your hard work.

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