Sincerely, Angry

Dear Highway Patrolman,
I wanted to inform you of the full effects your ticket has caused us. Because you had nothing better to do than pull over a girl in a Jeep for not having fender flares or mud flaps, I now have to witness the above pictured trauma. It's a site I see all the time, just not on his days off - when he should be hanging out with me, his loving wife. Next time when it's obvious the girl never drives the Jeep in downtown SLC (you'll know she's telling the truth because she may not be able to locate the registration right away or remember the window has a glitch and doesn't roll down without messing with the locks first, just some suggestions) you'll hopefully have the heart to let her go without a stress inducing "fix-it ticket". Then maybe some families can spend more time together.
Angry Wife
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